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really a good game.

looking for your future. 

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cool idea , i found myself replacing a level or two  to have an easier difficulty and solve by that my problem in the game. this is different.

the pazzle element  with it you sit and think without death punishment, followed by tension in your journey to the objective with a progress to lose if you die  . i enjoyed that loop several times to the end  of the game.

i will look for your next games.  thanks for making us enjoy this short time.

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actuly, i never thought of this way, "appliying toturial then adding my own ideas" , this is something iam gonna do with my first small projects, indied!! 

you know, one of the hardest things, is to make orignal "small" idea, i used to dream about biggest projects i will do in the far far future. it was easier :(

iam entering one of these jams some day, thank you for your game, and your help, it gave me more clear vision, thank you! :)

i wanna know, how much time it takesfrom you  to devlop a very smal game like this.

iam wondering what my first small game would be, can i begin with small-content platformer like this? is it hard to make in the first time?

or point and click genre is easier to begin with? 


i loved the idea of the game.

it seems that theres no way to die or win in this game, you are stuck. and thet intended.

the last scene , when you fall all the way down and you didnt die and it says "no sacrfice in this earth", was clever.

if the super dark theme was in bigger game, it will be intersting enough..

i have to say, i realy want to see you in a bigger games P:

thanks for the experience, hope you great future.

This IS A Brilliant IDEA!!!!!!

i stuck a little in level 1  but the moment i found the MAIN Mechanic in This Game

IT Blown MY MIND!!! 

I Want A Whole Game Based ON this IDEA, I Want you to have The Confdence to Move Forward as A Game Designer, Iam Realy Ready To Play Full Game from "You".