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im in frkn love with this, please expand it more, im 100% into this game ;-;

Hello! A few years ago I found this video game on a page that is dedicated to uploading homebrew games and thanks to this game I fell in love with homebrew games! thanks dude!

Very good sound and design!
I love every second of this game!

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------------SPOILER (and bug)--------------

After the second chase of Linda Simons, when you have to go back to the room, the game won't let me control the character or open menus or anything, it was so frustrating after so many tries and so much time that I spent playing to get past that part of the game u.u

Damn, I remember playing the first few episodes when they came out, then forgetting the name of the game and the name of the developer, and now after a couple of years I finally found it and can finally play the whole story.

Its a very story rich game, i love it, very cute music and art.

we need a gb rom u.u awesome game!