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my god

Feature Killer community · Created a new topic Very cool!

Just came across this, pretty cool! I'll add it to my brainstorming tools and see how it goes ;)

I got confused at first with the direction of the explosions, but I managed to get some really good combos going ;)

This is very cool!


Super fun game, got quickly addicted to it even if I suuuuuuuuuuck at it. Got a max score of 4, lol.

Haha, super cute!

fuck offff hahahaha good joke

Really strange design but I loved it. You've made a bunch of unique and exciting design choices in this one. I just wish it was a little less repetitive. But you have a super neat concept here.

Very cool


Yeah that's pretty much what i did to be able to play it and enjoy it. I think the idea is clever but I wasn't able to have much fun, it didn't hit the right balance for me. 

Soooooo difficulttttttt AAA11!!!!!

Is this in reference to Brody Stevens?

What do you mean going first? It's realtime, there are no turns. 

For the rest, those are variants I tried through development and I prefer this one to be honest, it's much more frantic and crazy and that's the feeling I wanted to create.

Thanks for the feedback though, I'll keep it in mind for the future!

Tired of the  same  old tic-tac toe? Your big brother knows how to win, every-single-time? Try, n online tic-tac-toe game with a twist : both players play at the same time.

Pickup your pieces and make a tic-tac-toe. Quick, and simple ; best of three.



-> Please note that the game is currently in alpha and that you might encounter some issues. -> Network features are all based on peer to peer. Host quality might vary. Try playing with people with good connections and in the same region as you.

But you never beat me. There is not proof ;) hehehe...


Got a bug where I was always falling on my first try, had to reload the page.

Love the sound and the feels. I'm not sure how much the shader helps the game, but overall this is fun.

Super fun!

le prequel à été


Congrats on the execution of this great idea. Can't wait to see what this turns into.

than q

Haha, pretty cool!


You've made bitsy into something else, it's nuts

Dear retrobrews,

you may :)

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I did purchase Eponymous and gave it a try last night. Super interesting work you got going, super inspiring as well. Thanks for the awesome work!

Interesting! Been following your work since You have to win the game, and this is a nice change to what you got me used to. Reminds me of your brother's work  in a way. Made me wanna try EPONYMOUS.  


cool idea


Cool concept. There's some really nice puzzles there. I wonder if there's an additional mechanic you could add to it to twist expectations a little bit and renew the interest in the puzzles. I only got to level 7 before I had to move on.

Hey Ove, thanks for taking the time to comment. I like the initial idea of the game, but it's true that I didn't manage to keep it interesting in later levels. I think discovering the rules is interesting, but there are still some issues in the overall idea of the game. I think it becomes more annoying than fun in the long run.

I might revisit this idea under some other form eventually.

buy it on itch ya dingus

Controls are confusing but the game is really cool, nice work :)

NL community · Created a new topic this is amazing

great work!


Saw this today but didn't get a chance to try it. Wish there was a demo!