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Haha, pretty cool!


You've made bitsy into something else, it's nuts

Dear retrobrews,

you may :)

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I did purchase Eponymous and gave it a try last night. Super interesting work you got going, super inspiring as well. Thanks for the awesome work!

Interesting! Been following your work since You have to win the game, and this is a nice change to what you got me used to. Reminds me of your brother's work  in a way. Made me wanna try EPONYMOUS.  


cool idea


Cool concept. There's some really nice puzzles there. I wonder if there's an additional mechanic you could add to it to twist expectations a little bit and renew the interest in the puzzles. I only got to level 7 before I had to move on.

Hey Ove, thanks for taking the time to comment. I like the initial idea of the game, but it's true that I didn't manage to keep it interesting in later levels. I think discovering the rules is interesting, but there are still some issues in the overall idea of the game. I think it becomes more annoying than fun in the long run.

I might revisit this idea under some other form eventually.

buy it on itch ya dingus

Controls are confusing but the game is really cool, nice work :)

NL community · Created a new topic this is amazing

great work!


Saw this today but didn't get a chance to try it. Wish there was a demo!

I like this game :D

very cool!