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A pleasure to see a new release Terry, thanks for sharing.

This game is incredible


This is very cool I'm gonna use it as an example in my class :)

Super fun and clean design, congrats!

This was beautiful. Great work :)

Very cool idea. If it wasn't as precise and finnicky it would be a flawless experience. The visuals are stunning, great work!

Haha very cute. I like the idea, it would translate really well as an educational game!

I would like to 1) Have a way to "paint bucket delete" and a way to select the different tile depth with the keyboard (either + - or 1234568), for instance. Just shortcuts that would reduce the amount of mouse clicks. I would also like to be able to rotate the model a bit more in the model view. Because now I can't see the bottom of the model very well.

Just got this and I would really like more keyboard shortcuts please :)

Wow, this looks amazing.


Just finished it. Super nice :) 

Very cool, would just need some UI improvements as it looks a bit off, but the idea and gameplay are on point, congrats!

Activate windows

I would like a version of this where I can just walk in a data-moshed city for as long as I want.

I love this so much

l'avant avant dernière <3

The dark souls of art games?

Very cool!

This game delivers. It's pretty fun!

my god

Feature Killer community · Created a new topic Very cool!

Just came across this, pretty cool! I'll add it to my brainstorming tools and see how it goes ;)

I got confused at first with the direction of the explosions, but I managed to get some really good combos going ;)

This is very cool!


Super fun game, got quickly addicted to it even if I suuuuuuuuuuck at it. Got a max score of 4, lol.

Haha, super cute!

fuck offff hahahaha good joke

Really strange design but I loved it. You've made a bunch of unique and exciting design choices in this one. I just wish it was a little less repetitive. But you have a super neat concept here.

Very cool


Yeah that's pretty much what i did to be able to play it and enjoy it. I think the idea is clever but I wasn't able to have much fun, it didn't hit the right balance for me. 

Soooooo difficulttttttt AAA11!!!!!

Is this in reference to Brody Stevens?

What do you mean going first? It's realtime, there are no turns. 

For the rest, those are variants I tried through development and I prefer this one to be honest, it's much more frantic and crazy and that's the feeling I wanted to create.

Thanks for the feedback though, I'll keep it in mind for the future!

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