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Wow! Multiplayer exploration mode with VR support! Check out Manifold Garden by William Chyr too!

Hi Ham!

I'm still here! Waiting patiently for our kids to grow up! I have VirZoom sensor, WindowsMR, and Rift.

Please let me know if there is any hope for adding VirZoom support and steering by controllers or pucks on the handlebars.


I have my playtest uploaded to YouTube. DM me on twitter @SLeBaron and I will send you the link.

So stoked for steering, VirZoom and co-op!

Way to go!

Downloaded. Now to get my bike and trainer set up... Stoked for the update!

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Awesome! I have already pre-ordered my VirZoom sensor. Re: your game I am going to buy and download now. I hear you on the sidetracked. I have twins and a 6yr old so VR is definitely a d guilty pleasure for the moment. However if I can tell my wife its for working out... I will do a play test for you (one of my day jobs) and at the same time how much would it cost to integrate steering? I want to put my stationary bike on a tilting table for 4d feedback as well.

Oh yeah. How can we make it multi-player? And jumps we gotsta have jumps! And ramps! And drops! Wait how hard is UE to learn... ;)

Hi HamVR,

Are you still working on this game?

I will be buying it this Wednesday and hoping you aren't giving up on it!

Maybe there is a way to hack the VirZoom sensor to give true cadence?

Also a vive tracker free track IR on the handlebars for steering? I will pay for that!

Also some way to coop it to be able to ride with friends?



While in "settings" hit Video. Hung the game till I brought up the console which unfroze it. Couldn't use the Enter button to report the bug as it didn't work.

Hi William,

Thanks for the great experience so far (aside from level 002 being too hard for newbs.)

Just following up on your advice re: toggle_noclip.

What I am looking for (and maybe others are too) is to be able to "do the game" without any puzzles. All doors open, all bridges extended etc. but still have to flip the walls and be able to fall/jump as I go. I tried no_clip and while nice it looses the impact of having to walk/flip walls to get around.

If its not a huge hassle it would be a great way to get the full impact of the world without the potential for rage quitting.

Also doing a complete walkthrough should be a way for beta users to test larger scale design issues like color convention mismatches, confusing spawn points, etc.

Are you planning any more use of time in the Step Well? Its such an amazing level and it seems like I just zoomed by it...


I agree!

Glad to hear I'm not the only one! Here I thought it was because I'm not a gamer...

Yes please do! I got totally stumped and depressed by the level. I want to do the game in sequential order but getting stuck for an hour and making no progress is bumming me out.

I am finding the level 2 puzzles too hard as well. Getting stuck and thinking of depression quitting and not even a nice Manifold Cliff to toss myself off for the scenery. ;)

Yes. First level. Goes from one room puzzles to flip a switch and something happens out of site. Reminds me of my ex roomate playing FPS puzzle games. Never saw the attraction myself.

Wondering about level 1. First few puzzles are solvable in one room. Move block, stand on block, use one block to hold another up etc. then part way through it seems to turn into "move block here" to open door over there, type puzzles. As a non gamer I am not steeped in the lore of maze running and opening doors in different parts of the maze (where I may not know that it opened) so for me it was a bit frustrating to go from one room puzzles to whole maze puzzles. Wondering if that was a conscious decision on your part and if how the puzzles play out in the later levels. Still going to go in in VR (hopefully this week) and see if my stomach can handle it but even still the Escher vistas will be worth it! Thanks for the great work!