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This was a really lovely read, and I liked exploring all three endings. Fantastic character design!

I enjoyed this game a lot! The graphics and music were very pleasing, and game play for the most part was smooth. I like the puns, jokes, and characters! Makes me wonder what kind of world it is, where monsters and humans coexist, and being a typist/adventurer(?) is a thing. I had a bit of trouble in the beginning trying to figure out the mechanics of the type-fighting, but eventually did after dying a few times. A tutorial or something would've saved me five minutes, but afterwards, it's pretty intuitive. I also wish there was a full-floor map that you could view to see your progress, as the mini-map is limited, and it's quite easy to get turned around and wander for minutes when the walls look the same. Overall, I enjoyed this game (my typing ranges between 60-90 wpm), and the bosses with their unique word choices and mechanics made it fun. Great work, y'all!

Finally got around to playing this game! I laughed so hard for three hours, it was great. The characters are so refreshing because even though they are a little bit extreme at times (i.e. Min and I'LL PUNCH THE BEAR IN THE HEAD), they are written like normal high school girls. I could even see parts of my friend group in here, which was really fun to take screenshots and send it to them.

I had a lot of fun playing this game and loved it very much!

Super cute, super silly. I laughed a lot! Nice work, guys.