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I am now playing this on my New2DSXL, it is amazing how good the controls are, graphics are well defined and easily identifiable what is going on the screen. THANK YOU!

But how and where? :D

Please add buy option! :)

Oh nice! I have created a .cht file for RetroArch from these, you can download it here:

this only contains the ROM file which you can load into an emulator like Retroarch on Android and thus, yes, it supports bluetooth controllers.


ahahaha wow :D

Is there any chance of a picross editor where I could enter my own and maybe share it with community and I could download other user's creations?

Thank you! :)

Ha! Found it thank you! :D

Hi I want to replay it, how do I delete the saves?

One of the many hidden gems here on this site <3 top notch contorls and game mechanics, also will the OST be available for purchase? :)

So I kinda like everything, my only real nitpick was the oxygen level, it added anxiety for me to get through the outdoor parts as fast as possible, otherwise I am preparing my money for the full version :)

LOVE IT! And love the gamepad support, will write more when I finish the demo :)

if you mean host, then you have to create lobb

Chromium license is needed to run the games in browser (Chromium and Chrome is related) no viruses whatsoever

If I purchase this version do I get the key to also play with Super Angelo? :)

I only played with TA, basically you could collect the wreckages with a robot to turn them into money. I have discovered some minor bugs, will do a list of them and post it on Github, but I seriously had a blast with this playing yesterday :)

OH WOW! I LOVE IT! I have been looking for some oldschool C&C-ish clones and here it is carrying stuff from my other fav RTS Total Annihilation. If this can grow this will be awesome, so glad I found it this early! :)