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But how and where? :D

Please add buy option! :)

Oh nice! I have created a .cht file for RetroArch from these, you can download it here:

this only contains the ROM file which you can load into an emulator like Retroarch on Android and thus, yes, it supports bluetooth controllers.


The link doesn't work :(

ahahaha wow :D

Is there any chance of a picross editor where I could enter my own and maybe share it with community and I could download other user's creations?

Thank you! :)

Ha! Found it thank you! :D

Hi I want to replay it, how do I delete the saves?

One of the many hidden gems here on this site <3 top notch contorls and game mechanics, also will the OST be available for purchase? :)

So I kinda like everything, my only real nitpick was the oxygen level, it added anxiety for me to get through the outdoor parts as fast as possible, otherwise I am preparing my money for the full version :)

LOVE IT! And love the gamepad support, will write more when I finish the demo :)

if you mean host, then you have to create lobb

Chromium license is needed to run the games in browser (Chromium and Chrome is related) no viruses whatsoever

If I purchase this version do I get the key to also play with Super Angelo? :)

I only played with TA, basically you could collect the wreckages with a robot to turn them into money. I have discovered some minor bugs, will do a list of them and post it on Github, but I seriously had a blast with this playing yesterday :)

OH WOW! I LOVE IT! I have been looking for some oldschool C&C-ish clones and here it is carrying stuff from my other fav RTS Total Annihilation. If this can grow this will be awesome, so glad I found it this early! :)