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Altair Drake

A member registered Aug 23, 2018

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But how can i do it? What and where should i change it for my main character?

I found it about siblings too. Its working like traits. But for the specs welp. 

Hello. Is it possible to do? Im not asking about infertile slaves or just sterilizing them, but about making my main character infertile?

Ah i see! Its like this! thanks : D.

Oh you are right. Thanks so much!

I have only one non-sexual is it possible to edit it in saves/variables/globals etc or more, or should i invest in endurance?

Nah im not speaking about specs for now, just normal traits : / Like bisexual for girls etc

Oh yes i saw that, and i tried to copy arrays in relatives data in my save game, but as i said welp. Not even close xD. So what should code look for adding more traits than one?

I know how to do it cause im using notepad ++ with plugins, buts its hard to change something like traits. And as i see i can only make it to have one sibling, but maybe if some character will have it more i will know how to change it. Sadly i wanted to play as mage/alchemist spec but i cant. And its hard to add another traits.

Thanks! Its working now! : D

How can i add traits or siblings etc? When i have more than one trait or specialization or even sibling! Its not working/destroying save... And i only want to have all specs and add one more trait and three siblings...

i didnt replaced. I'm pretty new so i just downloaded it about week ago or something. So what should i do to have this mods working? And should i make a new save? Or it will work anyway without it.

How can i add more specs for my main character ( just starting four), change siblings ( i want to start with 3 siblings, but i can only add more starting slaves, but if im adding sibling to relatives it doesnt work. Only work with one), or add traits to slaves?

But how? For me its not working. I can only have one of this. If i have IRP then DPL is not working ;/ Should i do something with order? If yes, DPL should be "0"? Or IRP should be?

Is it possible to make it somehow work with delayed portrait loading?

Many thanks! Its like a pie from the sky! Very good work! :D

Love this mod <3 Much better. It was like a pie from the sky cause i had this problem for some time and wanted to play anyway and u did that mod! Thanks great work!

Oh i see. Thanks!

I am but thanks anyway! I thought about this too. Just trying to have good random potraits, but welp i have many packs which i fused, and after that i deleted copies so idk how it will be working with this mod, or with using both bodies and portraits. Sadly not everything have same name :/ But thanks anyway! Still im trying to defeat this errors but i dont know how to use this pngcrush... :/

Maybe im too stupid. But how should i use this? I do not know how this pngcrush is working or something...

Hello im curious. Which potraits and bodied all of you have? And im asking about something more than packs for downloading on this site. Maybe you have something good and you could share with us? :P Or do you have some tips for easier creating of my own pack?

I see i thought so about this too, cause when i removed some bodies it worked . Thats sad cause im greedy and my pc is not bad so i thought it won't be a great problem. Oh well. I will wait for your mod! Good luck with that. And what do you think when it would be created? Or maybe do you have some tips for me to load more bodies without crashing game?

Thanks i will try this! For now im trying to delete at least copies from packs. :P But maybe this will help too!

Oh i see! Didnt know about this. Thought i can do it only when im creating new character. Thanks!

Is there a max for portraits bodies? Cause when i want to change potrait or full body image in the customization, my game dont want to do it and it stops "no answering" etc and i can only close it. 

Boot splash path: res://files/buttons/loading.png
ERROR: Node not found: ../../..
   At: scene/main/node.cpp:1524
WARNING: _png_warn_function: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
     At: drivers/png/image_loader_png.cpp:67
WARNING: _png_warn_function: iCCP: cHRM chunk does not match sRGB
     At: drivers/png/image_loader_png.cpp:67

WARNING: _png_warn_function: iCCP: profile 'Photoshop ICC profile': 0h: PCS illuminant is not D50

 At: drivers/png/image_loader_png.cpp:67

How, and where i can add new Main Character potrait? I have my OC and i would want to have him in this "world" :v if its possible ofc!