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I love it ! The game is very polished and fits the theme. It reminds me of fireboy and watergirl, and I love this type of puzzle game ! Great job !

Very fun game ! I like the mechanics, and characters are cute, great job !

Woah I love your game ! Game mechanics are simple but very fun, great job !

Great work, I love the animations and music, and the game is fun to play ! As others already said, sometimes after pressing "sleep" or "status", the game is blocked. Keep up the good work !

Good base for a game ! Too bad you couldn't finish it during the game jam, but I hope you'll continue to work on this project !

Very cool ! I is quite hard to shoot the enemies, and sometimes I can't shoot and I need to restart the game, but this is a great base for a game !

Great game ! I love the atmosphere, and your game is very well polished. I love the portal mood, and the mechanics are fun, I think it's the best game I tried ! Keep up the good work !

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Thank you very much for your feedback ! This bug is known and fixed but I can't push the update before the end of the voting period ):

Edit : I just saw that you were the creator of HUEb, it was the first I tried and I love it ! 

Yeah we love destruction games too, so we tried to make one for this jam.

The bug you are talking about is already resolved, I just can't upload the build yet because of the voting period, but I will use this time to add more features (and fix things I couldn't finish during the week ) !

Thanks for your comment TaliOS ! We've planned to work on it more, as a proper game, and not only for the game jam. We are excited to do something great with it, all the more you seem excited too !

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OH I didn't have a warning, maybe because I compiled it on my computer (I'm working on Win10), thank you so much for letting me know !

I will add a note on download instruction, and try to fix that (I think it's because my game doesn't have any license, and have not been played before so AVs consider it not safe...)


You made me realize that I haven't included DLLs for the game, so you wouldn't be able to run the game anyways :)

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Thank you, we really appreciate your comment !

There is in fact a lot of bugs, we have been overtaken by time, but we'll try to fix them all quickly 😃.


Bug fixed !

 First, Thanks ! Yes we have seen big for the map and yes it is empty. Maybe we will continue working on it, let's see ! And yes we are aware of those bugs. We've done quite a big project for only a week long game jam but yet we have had fun doing it.

Thanks ! <3

Yes, all you have to do is download the zip file. extract it and you'll have the tileset. A compact and an airy version of it. The only thing of it, if you want to make a game with it is to credit me as the tileset is under a creative commons licence. Checkout the README.txt file in the zip. But to answer you. This is ENTERILY FREE !  I just wanted to share my work and let other do stuff with it ;)

Thanks ! :)

Thank you very much !

In fact, you can hit into every direction, and aim with the mouse. You can attack by clicking mouse, and by hitting space(special attack). I didn't use any engine because i just don't know how to, and i just don't have a lot of time to learn it. Maybe one day i will :)