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A quick guide to find all underwears and sniffets? Also, there's a dragon? Where?

What's the idle.png sprite? I didn't have it when I download it

Can one have different sprites for the YCH dom? If so, how to change them without having to remove them form the folder?

So, for what I'm getting is that the only update done to the game is the removal of the ´´Dinohazard´´ part of the name due to a copyright claim?

Is there a guide for the new route? I remember there was one for the first one.

When's the next update?

It saves automatically

How can I unlock endless mode?

Is there like, a guide or something? Also, love this game, can't wait to see more

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How can I win the Iron fight?

Here's a guide

Is there some kind of gallery to rewatch the scenes? And if not, are you considering adding one in the future?

What does the custom lists do

I have an idea for an altenrante ending. At the end of level 4 the bad guy gives you an offer, he'll free your comrades at exchange of you submitting to him and becaming his slave. Another one could be at the beginning of level 1 if you don't break fast enough from the rack. Good game overall

Thanks, I'll try

For how much time the hiatus will last?

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Found it!

Exactly, I feel that the crocodile's ability is way to overpowered. It feels like it neads a nerf

The crane x crocodile fight is like imposible, is there a trick for it?

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Will my progress be saved if I close the page?

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So, just to clarify, the nsfw is only on And how can I access these scenes?

What a nice game, is there a tutorial/guide to get all the cutscenes on the gallery?

really good. Is there a way to download it so one can play it offline?

hey, the download gave me a .apk, what should I do?

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Is adding a dildo planned? How about other scenarios or it just going to be the alley?

The gallery is for the patreon only version

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How does saving in this game works?

Also, is there a guide for the endings or something?

How's the next update going?

Cool, hope it doesn't take too long

Nice job. I got an idea, how about adding a filter for e621 favs, so one can see their favs pics from a certain tag. 

Interesting game, but how can I get this?:

If you feed the prince too much water, he will ask you to release him because he needs to pee.

Emm... Is this still alive

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What does the “skin” in accessories do?

Love the game, would like an option to hide the text so I can do screenshots. One question, what's the list of all actual game overs in the game?

Not trying to preasure, but when is the next update?

How do I access the differents bad endings and paths?

Hum, weird. No august version?