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How's the next update going?

Cool, hope it doesn't take too long

Nice job. I got an idea, how about adding a filter for e621 favs, so one can see their favs pics from a certain tag. 

Interesting game, but how can I get this?:

If you feed the prince too much water, he will ask you to release him because he needs to pee.

Emm... Is this still alive

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What does the “skin” in accessories do?

Love the game, would like an option to hide the text so I can do screenshots. One question, what's the list of all actual game overs in the game?

Not trying to preasure, but when is the next update?

How do I access the differents bad endings and paths?

What are the controls?

Hum, weird. No august version?


Just out of curiosity, how often are the next updates ready? Do you have a schedule or they are random?

Fuck this is hot

Nice game, love the characters and the artwork, nude versions of enemies when aroused enough will be fine. When's the next update?

When's the next update?

When's the next update?

No bad

I loved the update. Is in your plans to had a personality slider like in Hybrids vr? Also, is there a way to ugrade the edging mecanic? Bc sometimes I try to not do do it to slow so it doesn't reestart but it's kinda hard

Interesting, can you make an ebook archive?

Yes. Bc this version is completely different from the first game. 

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Pls, an option to fully submit to Mikar. I want to be his dragon pet

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Interesting. An english version would be good bc it's hard to play with one hand while the other one have my phone with the google translate.

Also a button to hide the text so I can take screenshots

Hi, the music is really good! Where can I hear it?

Also, I got a problem: When I finish the new level the game stucks and nothing happens

Ok, also, where can I find Which bottles?

Next update when? Or are you working on a new character?

Nice game, but how do I get information about the location of a hero?

Is there a gallery to see all the game overs and the CGs?

That sucks. What if someone want to see the pictures but they can't bc they have to concentrate on the game?

How can I see the gallery? Do I have to beat a level first to see it? Or there's a patreon version of the game with the gallery unlocked? Or I have to be a patreon an made some kind of autentification to unlock it? Because if it's the last one that sucks

Nice game, how many scenes are right now?

What does ´´meta´´ mean?

Oh, I think I know why. I put the game in an external drive, maybe it's that. Ok thanks, I'll try it in my pc next time

I can't save. For some reason it doesn't let me save, even if I start a new file

O h :’v

It’s the update delayed? 

Wow, interesting. And yes, I think it will be interesting to rework that concept

I don't know why but I want to see a game similar to this but in the dom POV