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I feel that I somehow ended up softlocked. The big bad is rampaging but I don't see any way to do anything else now/

Crabs are absurdly OP in that they can stun spam. Essentially, 2 crabs is basically a "You Lose" and 3 crabs can and will stun lock your whole team.

It may be possible to install from the quest, but you do need a PC to set up.

Use sidequest to install an Android apk installer, then you can use the quest browser to download apks to your quest and install them.

Ive only tested it with more traditional 2d installs (Discord to test) but I'd assume it should work with any apk.

I also loved how you did something unique with the arousal bar. Pretty much all of these types it's like, a second health bar and all.

Also, height growth in rpgs is always great, though I am happy to see that it's more balanced and all, as I'm not a fan of crazy hyper.

ill there be any versions updated to the public periodically, granted at a delay? I love growth games, but am  bit poor, though would love to keep a watch on things. I love how the monsters actually can change based on actions. Though in testing stuff I accidentally taught the imp to surrender and it would just endlessly surrender.