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Maybe you can also add a spooky & haunted house 馃懟

You are the best!! I am looking forward to it :)

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Can we use them in commercial projects? :)

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Could you create weather icons, please? It would be also nice to have it in the asset pack :)

Hi LimeZu, I follow your every update and your work is amazing! I need a concert area/stage. I think it would also be nice to have one for the outdoor activities in the game. :) It could be a historical place or a modern one. I believe that you can manage a good one as always :D

You are the best!! :)

Hi LimeZu, another idea for your asset could be dining places, cafes, and nice restaurants! Different cuisine variations would be great :)

Thank you, it's awesome as always!! Will you provide different color options too? :)

Will you also create an interior extension for this luxurious villa? :) 

I am looking forward to the final result :)

Hi LimeZu, thank you very much for another fantastic asset! It would be great to have a coin, which includes a star icon in the middle :) Can we also use this pack in commercial projects?

Hello, your asset looks fantastic! Can we use it for commercial projects? :) 

It would be also nice if you consider the nightlife in the city. For example, some cocktail bars, discos, etc. It would be great to have :)

Hi sprkem, awesome bundle! Can we use your free bundle in commercial projects? It would be nice to know :)

Amazing asset! Thank you very much for your work. It would be awesome to have if there is a concert hall or a museum (a historical building) in the city :)