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Im having trouble getting the first other replay scene could someone help me? ive also been using the walk through to no avail

The controls are absolute dogsh*t otherwise great game

if level one difficulty is this hard i cant even begin to imagine how hard the later levels are. When i first played this game i wondered why the average session length was 30 minutes, I later found thats its because after 2 levels of being thrown to the wolves the will to want to play goes down. I will still play this game because i like a challange but i would recommend rethinking what a level meter means in terms difficulty as first planet level 1 threat is not the same as 2nd planet level 1 threat level. I think you should start with three players rather than 2 as I would be able to try a strat then just placeing down a turret and leaving an engineer there and then use the other guy to go get ore

I feel like the current bee population management system doesn't work very well I keep trying to get the population self sustaining but never did Idk really know what a fix would be but I feel like a system where each nursery has independent chance sliders might help but there's problems with that system as well maybe a system where it will produce bees that are not at full capacity but you can choose which type of bee it will produce more often. The game looks really good it has a lot of potential I will definitely keep up with the progress and wish you good luck