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Can't seem to select dice to hold reliably. Is it just double click the dice or something else??

This is really great! Feels original and well executed!

pretty rough tutorial.... needs more checkpoints, and some of the mechanics were hard to trigger. Main level the design feels like we are dropped in to a level 5 hours into a full game. Way too hard/demanding. Lot of charm to the shoot vs throw mechanics though! 

Sure is a tiny demo right now, but great foundation. Would love to play an expanded version!

really enjoyed this. Time to read House of Leaves again!

Love the use of video and more psychedelic aspects of the presentation. Not very into the finding notes form of storytelling or the default camera. Really looking forward to whatever you make next!

Awesome. Just awesome.

This looks amazing!!!

awesome way to spend a halfhour! Thanks for making this!

Really enjoyed this!