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I actually find it hilarious that this game is impossible to beat normally bc of how small the border isImage

SIX secret endings?

Actually, now that I think about it, i guess the one main ending is how it would actually go...

You should make a secret ending where there actually IS a snake

(technically this is a prequel story, go check out The Case of the Serialized Killer)

Wow! If you ever continue this series, please let me know bc this was AMAZING

wow, there are people who are way better at this than me...

170 days gg

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omg 76!!

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... i think you may need to update the game, a certain game is now available

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a strangly lengthy kiss - hold each other but take a while to kiss

time to decease - grab crotch area (supersedes all other endings)

a welcome kiss - grab face

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i think you added "keys" as a language by mistake

also bruh why is alt mouse skin a full version exclusive?

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three endings:

1. consensual hug (both players grab each other)

2.successful handshake (both players grab each other's hand)

3. awkward encounter (only one player goes for handshake while other player grabs body)

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oh i see, so its ultimately based on reasoning out the answer. i think i actually have a strategy for this then. thanks!

are you supposed to know whether every piece lies or not bc i can only see 4 at a time but there is 5 pieces on the board

not bad if i do say so

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small glitch... when you press import and then cancel IT REMOVES ALL OF YOUR DATA and hard resets your file (but starts you off with infinite gold after 1 prestige)

are you planning on updating artificer?

there are a few things that may be stopping you from completing faster

1. the game will not run if you have another tab active or your computer is asleep

2.  the reset amount slowly decelerates, meaning its better to reset often for (300/300/400) time than waiting forever for it to reach 1000.


uh oh (ofc i ran out of time)

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Can you release an endings list? It would really help to be able to see which endings I have or haven't gotten..

also what is up with the numbers board (the 3x3 one), I don't understand it

technically its possible to place above chiaki when more than 2 people are playing.

i feel like chiaki might lose to nagito or naegi tho bc old maid does rely a lot on luck, as well as celeste for obvious reasons, kinda makes me wish there were more characters but this is an amazing game regardless :)

They wanted it to be a newgrounds exclusive for a bit, but then it crashed so theyre prolly going to wait for a day to a week after newgrounds is fixed to make actual release

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782 first try!

570th place aint bad, right?

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Yes! I finally got it!

(i got super lucky with a floor 6 mirror dice)

rip rhythm doctor demo, play the full version on steam ;(

Really fun game, very addicting. One change I might add is to make the screen zoom out once you reach a certain size because at a certain point it becomes impossible to avoid getting hit.

How many endings are there, so far i got


*Call security


There's no way the recruiter didn't know about the Forum beforehand, my theory is that hes a member.

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updated run- 3:09

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ok i think i got 4:48

edit: here it is 

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Could you add a levelling guide bc i was surprised when it mentioned how some moves are unobtainable if you level up too quickly. Otherwise, this is an amazing game!!

p.s. where does the demo end at?

im honestly surprised it even turned on if u played on an IPHONE. sorry but i think you may need to use a computer.

I noticed in Bopeebo that at one point the left note is shown on the dad's side but not yours. Is this unintended or can you actually press the note at that time for extra points (if its a bug plz make it a feature that would be sick)