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ok great, would be nice it it works again! i will send you an email. 

Would there be a fix in the meantime? As unfortunately this is still unsolved and not working. Don't know how long it would take before the 1.2 version will be released? 

yes multiple other plugins in the same folder that are working. It is very strange, with all my other plugins i don't have this issue. Tested all of them. 

in the standard apple vst folder. /library/audio/plugins/vst3

Update: I deleted the VST in the folder and now after servoral tries adding it i cannot find it anymore with the plugin manager. 

It does not gave me any errors which are visible. 

the latest version from 2021 for Mac. When i check in cubase the button to open the plugin is greyed out. 

I cannot see any errors as the software is not opening. 


Nimble kick worked for a long time on my macbook, now it won't open anymore in cubase 11. 

It is visible in cubase in the vst manager, but when i add it to a channel track i cannot open the plugin. 

I did put it new again in the VST folder also. 

Gr, Marcel