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alpha h

A member registered Feb 04, 2021

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I started playing scary games and I decided to pick a Puppet Combo Game Today. I've been scared a couple of times but I think this is the most scared I've ever been lmao. Great Game Puppet Combo!

this game had a hella creepy atmosphere which made the game 10x better. There are 2 endings which are very nice. Overall great game! 

The game starts at 4:55

will the game come out soon?

scared me hella bad. short video game but pretty scary. overall great game!

short but pretty good and scary game!

short but pretty good and a little scary game!

This game was very funny and kind of scary at first. overall a pretty ok game!

got me scared even though its just some lil dude lmao. pretty okay game.

was funny and pretty fun to play. overall great game! 

was pretty scary. i also had a lot of fun playing it too. overall great game!

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for me, it showed my computer's name, youtube banner, and exact time within the game and real life.

It was really fun to play this game. It got me really spooked when it showed my youtube banner lol. Overall great game!