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This version seems to have some problems with tacky tilting.

Figuring this problem out in the next update.

Update on game dev progress:

  • Converted to Android

        Added features:

  • Main Menu
  • Automatic Game Save
  • Score and High Score
  • Acceleration input

Next on development:

  • More levels
  • Settings
  • Graphics, music and SFX
  • Store

Files will be updated probably some day next weekend.

Now added acceleration input and compiled to android also. Updated version will be out with this feature, new levels and main menu probably next weekend. Also a little improved sensitivity, but not much because I like the late response. That way you have to predict and countermove so it doesn't feel like you are controlling the ball in stead of the board.

Planning on adding acceleration input on it in future.

I had that toy/game Ball Maze or Labyrinth as an inspiration for this game. More levels in the making.

Yes, I thought they might be helpful at the beginning for some.

Me too... that matter is on my to do -list.

Too damn hard. Couldn't get a lift off despite swiping as fast as I can.