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If you're talking about the Violet one where the loading screen appears, if the game crashes it means your hardware can't handle it. Which is why that one is there as an extra only and not part of the game itself.

That's because you accidentaly swipe left and right, if you swipe again it will make it appear.

The game doesn't support JoiPlay, just play the android version.

swipe left and right 2 times to open the menu

Thanks for the feedback, it's difficult to correct such things, as English, is my third language, and I don't have any native Engish speaker in the staff or as tester.

You earn gold coins, by catching and selling fish to daisy.
The fish can also be donated at the same location.

At moment you can only get Choco and Cream pregnant on repeatable sex, Bera and Ash only during the event at moment.

swapping left and right 2 times, opens the save and load menu, while doing it only once, hides and shows the quick interface.

Just talk to the girls, go to different places on different times, by using the time skip button.

There is no such thing in the hint about "breakfast", there is only lunch, which is at afternoon in the kitchen.

The android system is the same, there is a hint button on the left of the screen.

Save before the creampie and try again, or wait till there are repeateable scenes on a next update.

Use the hint system by clicking the button on the left side, you don't need the market for that event. Just go to the kitchen at the morning I believe.

You have to hover with the mouse over her mouth, breasts and genitalia on a pc version. On android you have to click on the spots.

It's coming close to halfway.

it asks for access so it can create save files

It has a random chance

I have an apprentice slowly doing artwork for it, but it's a slow process.

When she asks, "You also like to hang around the beach or is there another reason?"
You can get a extra point, if you answer with: "The Sea"
Saying "You" is a wrong answer to give and you get no extra points.

Also, when the event happens where she's naked, she ask's:
"Do you want my help with that rock hard problem?"
If you say yes, you get a extra point too.
So with the two extra points, you would have a total of 8 possible points to get at moment, if you can't hit 7, it means you failed two times to get them.

They get a baby in the belly

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no difference, just a alternative source

For Mac users, the executable is inside ->\Contents\MacOS\NekoParadise

No, any save should work to see the new content. Just check the hint system.

swipe left and right 2 times to open the menu

For Mac users, the executable is inside ->\Contents\MacOS\NekoParadise

For Mac users, the executable is inside ->\Contents\MacOS\NekoParadise

Make sure you have enough space in your phone for the entire game and you have to make sure you have Install unknown apps on your phone enabled, since this isn't a "play store" game.

swap left and right 2 times to open the menu

in the gallery you can't get any pregnant, you can find cream and chocomint sometimes in the living room at the morning, when none of them is pregnant. you can then in the interface select sex -> Duo and in that scene you have a chance of getting one of them pregnant.

You can only get Cream and Chocomint at moment.

The characters getting pregnant is a random chance, you don't have to restart for it, you can either save before or try to get the pregnant again in the Duo scene

if you have problems it's best to restart, also, if you don't return Choco's love with a love you answer in the bath, you won't get 10 extra points wich breaks her love route.

There is only one scene with Chocomint in the bathroom, but as long as you don't generally deny her, all the events should play.

Chocomint and Violet are around 10, the new lily scene in the bath are around 9, then you get Marie wich has around 2.

when you tell choco that you love her in the bathscene, you get 10 points

All the lines by admiral bob is probably what you're asking

Yes, it's planned

it "glitters", there is nothing more to it.


If you don't wan't to save, no.