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I really loved it! I loved to see characters from Cemetery Mary here. Didn't expect the twist and I would really love to see more content regarding this story! Thank you <3

I really loved it, it really makes you in. Very well done, made me really scared like I was there.

Doesn't work for my mac :( Maybe it's because I have the latest update for macOS?

I really loved this game. I wish in my country they were more open-minded and I could have come out as lesbian sooner, to enjoy my teen years like they do in the game. But, I just came out at 22 yo. This game made me feel pretty things and I replayed it. Also recomended it to my gf <3 Thank you for this amazing game, Brianna!

Hey, I love it! I am a gay girl... I don't play baseball but I like it. If you let me, I would love to translate it into spanish, I'm a native speaker. For free, of course. Like to thank you for this amazing game <3

Are you gonna make more of this? I really loved it. It is amazing.

Can make it work on MacOS Monterey. Will it be an update?