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Unwrapping the melon was the hardest thing our team has ever been through. Thank you for playing!

you are cool 馃槼

We are really glad you enjoyed it! You鈥檙e right, there is no win/lose in the game. Maybe just like real life retail hmm? However we really want to expand this game in the future. We hope to see you back at moldmart when that happens!

love the game

Yo bold move to make a dogfight game, really nice fresh game

I love the sound effect 

I also step on birds, I relate to this game a lot


epic, I hate infants

i want you 馃槱

looks like a loot of fun

we will fight you at the lounge, 15:30

Really nice well thought-out concept. The controls where explained very well

I didn't always understand what I was doing, but I loved doing it. When I got the controls figured out, it was a great vibe. I couldn't always tell the foreground from the background, but the setting was very pleasing so it is worth the sacrifice. The checkpoints are also really nice polish. Can't wait for duct tape merchandise

I don't understand what's going on. But the vibe is really hard