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i gotta say,being a dad sure is hard to be relatable and hit the dab :D

Im pretty interested on how this will all go in the future,but overall,really interesting concept :-D

this game is amazing in the story,the characters and overall,it was a nice experience.


the gameplay was awesome and i felt that with fear,it is always subjective,really loved it!

really enjoyed it,hope it gets more features in the future. :-)

really enjoy the concept,hopefully there will be more to this game :-)

This was really nice and wanted to say happy Pride month.Go out there and express yourself :-)

really awesome,even though the ending part was a bit weird,still thought it was a hilarious game.

I had fun playing this game,sure it was hard,but who doesnt love a good old horror about a character who has supernatural powers and has friends that want to destroy my computer.Good times

I seriously love the concept of the game,its funny,there's some references i know and to top it all off,it has 4th wall breaks

it was a nice game about cats,and what i love about it is the accurate recreation of your cats eating their owner when they don't get food... Don't you just hate it when cats do that?


this game really got my eye,No pun intended,but it was really nice

Man this game really knows how to make you feel like you are in a closed space,but i really enjoyed the game :-)

really enjoyed,hopefully there will be an update,have a happy easter!

really enjoyed and i was wondering if this game features demon babies that attack you from the ceiling

i really enjoyed it,Its probably the first game that has changed the way i see first person shooters :-)

glad that i could play it,i loved the dialogue as well.

i found this game very interesting,I especially like the dialog as it was "mosterous"

Hope you guys enjoy this video,and i really enjoyed the platforming

"EYE"was expecting more from this game,but then again,i'm just a "PUPIL"

i really enjoyed the game and was wondering what will await me in his psychopathic nightmare...
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Man i had some fun whilst playing the game,Also my eye goes weird for some reason

really awesome game,i love the art style and even though there was a cliff hanger in the game,i was still satisfied

So far this game was awesome to play and love the concept of the game. :-)

yes you may,im glad that i could play the game and give my thoughts on it as i am excited to play the full release

So far this game has alot of stuff i want to see until the full release,cant wait :-)

was looking forward recording and glad that i have made a video

i found that i can relate to the developer and loved the game.I made my own song whilst editing this video

this game was cute,hopefully the game will have more levels and a variety of places

what a nice game,hopefully there will be more to this game in the future

i enjoyed this game and was a bit fishy when i started

Hay everybirdie,just want to say that this game play was awesome and hopefully i will be able to play the full game.

So i made this video and turns out i was high whilst doing so.Thanks for this game

I like the game alot and hope that this game gets a sequal to the game.I was mayby suggesting that in the sequal,the girl can find a way to bring back her brother/friend.Thanks for making this awesone puzzel game.(Even though i struggled a bit on the puzzels)

I find that the game is sad,but that doesn't mean i'm not! ;-]

so when do you think the full game will come out,cant wait to record it for a video

I think that this game was awesome,too bad i couldn't "ketchup"