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fantastic style

Хм, странно... Отправьте, пожалуйста, скриншот кракозябр.

Проблема в настройках системы. Вы можете заметить, что это наблюдается со всеми старыми программами, использующими кириллицу. Вам нужно настроить язык программ, не использующих Юникод, на русский. Воспользуйтесь, например, следующей инструкцией:

(Если же это не поможет, обязательно напишите, и я постараюсь помочь ещё!)

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unbeliveable. gimme your email/telegram/signal/session/simplex, i wanna contact you directly

update: got the email, thanks. deleted your comment for the sake of your confidentiality 

updated gml to the 1.4.9999999, where draw_flush() exists. didn't fix the error

ok, now it shall 100% be fixed. download the archive and start the "gbmlodaer_lowram"-file.

Also, give me your email/telegram/signal/session/simplex, so I can send you the key for download (open it only after passing the game!).

my version does not have draw_flush. is there anything else I could do, or should I try to get the greater version of GMS?

Perhaps it was an error on my side; then I need your help with the code.

I've added this line in the beginning of draw event in every wall or block:

triangles_break_batch((image_xscale + image_yscale + image_xscale*image_yscale)*2)

And this line in the beginning of draw event in every floor and ramp:


Then, I've created a script (still uisng gms 1.4) named "triangles_break_batch" containing this code:

global.triangles_so_far += 2*argument0
       if(global.triangles_so_far >= 1000)
              global.triangles_so_far -= 1000 

Finally, I've added this to the create event of CONTROL object:

global.triangles_so_far = 0

hey! didn't help :[

FUCK! sorry, gimme more time....................................................
i shall test the game on virtual machine this time

LOL sorry updated the file, forgot to add it to the archive . . .

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hey! the issue was that the batch of trianges became too big for a small graphics cards. i think i fixed it now. please kindly try downloading the game again. if it works, i gonna send you the extra materials immediately 

I am using GM:S 1.4, which does not have functions. I can change your code into script-like, but just to be sure: I shall change the "draw_flush()", and calling the new scipt I shall set the "quads" equal to 

(image_xscale + image_yscale + image_xscale*image_yscale)*2

for blocks and walls?

Dear Yal,

Few of the players of my game have found next bug:

When I removed all the hedge-objects from the level, another object has triggered this message:

Do you know, what could be the problem? Could you help?

hey! after 2 months I've finally updated the game. please check if the bug is fixed. I can send you extra materials 4 free for the bug-testing work

hey! after 2 months I've finally updated the game. please check if the bug is fixed. I can send you extra materials 4 free for the bug-testing work

спасибо тебе за милые комментарии :)

Thanks for the info a lot! I pardon myself for the bug. It will be fixed for sure, please give me about a month to fix it, because of lots of shit happening irl & me being completely away from the computer. I'll write a comment when it'll be ready

Thank you for the comment! It is very important to see the ę̸̰̇ ̸̦̔͒ͅǹ̶̪̝ ̶̥̌t̵̨̞̀͝ ̷̣͊ị̸̀ ̴̢̤̓t̴̠̒ ̶͉͌́͜y̶̧̍, please give me some time (in worst case - a month) to fix the bug!!

What is your monitor resolution?

oh shit, my bad. while I'm fixing it, if you have strength, you can try to walkthrough it again, it should not be there by the second walkthrough. I'll look into it, thank you a lot for a report!

thank you a lot for your answers!! all works fully well now :)

no, i am not talking about importing itself (didn't write the question fully before getting your agreement to help me more, because i've already wrote a lot of questions), but about integrating them in the game. in fact, the only question is about collision. if I have imported eg. a pyramid, how to make an object solid (i.e. so the player would go through), when it has not a just-a-box shape?

one of the possible crutchy solutions would be check if player is touching the object and grow players z until it stops touching it. shitty one, but i will be happy even with it, if you could game me an idea, how to check a collision between d3d-object and the player.

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dear Yal! thank you very much for helping with the first issue. still, i didn't get the second problem solved. changing the sprite of obj_player mask doesn't change the ratio in which the game automatically start. for example, it looks like it starts in 16:9 ratio (copying my monitor) and stays the same when I resize the window (look picture below). how could I change the ratio of the camera to eg. 1:1 or 4:3?

UPD: Could you also by any chance help me with importing other d3d-models in the game? I accept "no" as an answer. If you could, I will write the problem I am having.
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dear Yal! thank you for the great-great engine you made. could you please tell me, where to determine the distance of object rendering (and which script de-renders them eg. behind your back)?

also, where engine determines the size of the 3d-camera (if I ex. want to have it in 1x1)?

no progress at all. at this moment I could say, that this will be released someday, if at all. sorry :<

holy shit the pdf sounds like it's written by ChatGPT lmao!

once again: very amazing game!!!


very interesting project my dude

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doesn't work in gm 1 anymore :( 
(or at least for me)

i cant pay you 3$ more, because "i must pay at least 7$" for this project. but i've found that you published the file separately:

gonna buy it there

amazing style

my dog, if you really wanted to make it bad, you should have made it in gameguru

if i'll pay 3 more dollars, may I take a peek in it? or do I need to pay all the 10$ again by once?

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best "blind purchase" i made here lol. heavily recommended

p.s. what's in the pdf? i'm curious 

mac 13.0.1 (22A400) - "cannot start the app"

amazing style. great work

nice one

absolutely amazing project. great work

disgustingly good. well done!

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потрясающий стиль. мне очень понравилась атмосфера игры. жду в Стиме.