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holy shit. this is something awesome

P.S. Exactly one year, I uploaded the project on May 15 2018, omg

Wow, such a great review! Thank you for your opinion.

In fact, the whole project is crap. I uploaded it one year ago (and made it even earlier), hoping that someone will notice and download. I should have removed it from here a long time. I guess I'll do it right away

Omfg, thanks a lot!! To be honest, I completely forgot about my music channel. Looks like I need to upload something there :D


that's pretty weird, but it's still cool 

Holy shit, that was amazing! I would never wait for the end of the loading if there wasn't your comment. Thank you!

That's absolutely awesome. I love atmosphere of that world

incredible atmosphere. I want to live in this world

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my head is about to explode
what the f3ck did I do these last days

Got it, thanks!

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ugh... well... I adjusted up payments on my account, but under my project there is no "donate for this  project" button, which Abduki has ( So... I need to add it in some other way?

p.s I swear, it was the last question, starting from the next I will open a new thread!!

p.s.s. can I collect donations, if I didn't upload the game yet? I mean something like an advertising page, where is no game itself, but you still can donate to author 

uh oh, same

Really awesome atmosphere. The game is beyond praise!

Really complicated shit. I hope I didn't miss anything out there.

Philosophy - 10/10
Gameplay - 1/10
Meaning - ...Eh? 

I have no words. Great. Forgive me for my brevity.

Nah, I didn't. 


Awesome stuff! Thank you! 

In fact, one of the best games I've ever seen. An excellent example of that not everything paid is the best. 

P.S. I LOVED the graphic component of the game!

P.S. Awesome idea

This is probably just a very complicated art.

...I did not understand. Ugh.

Thank YOU for your comment! I love you bro :D

Sure! I got a really awesome experience from it.

Oh... Aesthetics...

Absolutely awesome! A unique idea, I really liked it.

Absolutely awesome idea and great realization! The atmosphere is really strong.

I don't no where I could write my thoughts, so I'll do it here. Awesome game, awesome idea! 

Actually, I could do it, if it was a real game. But it's just a prototype - experimental project, so it will never have continuation. Sorry~

 -- AlmostDeveloper

One sleepless night is a short experimental game about these nostalgic moments in our memories, about late summer nights. Listen to music, serf in net and watch YouTube videos, talk with friends by chat or draw strange pictures in paint! Isn't that what we all sometimes do when just don't want to go to bed? 

Go back to your past and feel nostalgic with "One sleepless night".

Omg, thanks for your comment. Bug fixed.

Game is pretty short, but I still love it.  Gameplay is absolutely awesome. Like and subscribe, omg.


I loved that idea.


Action. Awesome.

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I think that is absolutely adorable. I really loved your philosophy!

Well well well... I wrote him at Reddit, but he didn't answer me. Anyway it doesn't matter now, check out THIS: