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Awesome stuff, ohomg! Trully modern art, well done, bro!

actually the best game I have ever seen on hope you will make it bigger someday

I have. this isn't worse

half life: alyx is just a sequel of this one

oh omg!!! so simple preview and so GREAT game! that's really cool man! great jog

Sad and absolutely great idea! Nice work dude!

Thaaaaaaaanks for your comment, Sam! I really appreciate it


great style and awesome sound compilation. I surely DID enjoy this game!

No, thank YOU for that awesome game!

ah shit, great piece of art! I love your own original style

I do miss ya, Uliana

sure she was

maybe 'cause she was the best

we broke up, wasn't a big deal. I don't know actually why did I depress about her exactly so much

she enjoyed it 

btw I told her all. about the game too

nnah actually...

100% my favorite game on now

Ahahhaahah, this made me laugh!
Gorgeous game because of its originality and minimalism. I feel some wonderful philosophical idea in this simple work. And I can truly say it is a real piece of art. Good job!

thanks a lot! was used in my game :)

thanks a lot! was used in my game :)

thanks a lot! was used in my game :)

thanks a lot! was used in my game :)

Suddenly, a well-done game. You need more screenshots to get noticed. I liked the visual and the plot of the game. Good work, buddy.

P.S. It is annoying that music plays only in the left ear. Maybe ya can fix it?

Hahahahaha, great work. I've enjoyed reading it :)

Absolutely fantastic work. Great job!

Thanks, Leonidus1989!

That's great! I liked that retro-style a lot

That's well-made. I've enjoyed playing it! :D Imho if you'd add some sweet sound and make walking a bit faster it would look better

That's interesting. I think you should make there more interactive and playable stuff, so it would be more exciting

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Awesome! Seriously, absolutely great! Fantastic work mates

That's really funny and well-made game. I've enjoyed playing it. Good job!

omg. it is crazy, but kinda funny :D

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Uuuuggghh! When I try to import your engine in my GameMaker 1.4, it gives me a bunch of errors. Can you help me just a bit or at least give some clues what I should do?

Awesome idea and realization! GREAT work man!

Jesus bloody Christ, that is TOO freaking cool! AWESOME job man!

That's deep... I love the idea and style of the game. Good job!

awesome work, man! 100% not bad stuff