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Everything feels so good in this , i really think you should reconsider finishing this haha.

Good job !

i cant believe such nice thing have 0 comments. it is beautiful ! if i ever make a game it fits to i definitely will buy !

As always your animations are top notch , but i find your previous style more appealing.

This is really neat , i love the feel of your animations ! 

I see , thank you ! i have bought the bundle ! 

Keep up the great work !!! 

Thank you for the reply and the extension ! 

Just one question before i buy , if i buy this bundle and then i want to buy your next bundle in summersale does it reduce the price for the stuff i already own ?

Thank you so much !

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Wow i remember looking at your page a long time ago (1-2 years maybe) and i have to say you improved a TON . very inspiring.

any eta/info for the next bundle you gonna do ? i really interested in one that contain all your animated characters(from stormage and up + abomination lol).

keep up the amazing work its really good !

i was looking for a trickster sprite for ages , and your jester fits it perfectly , thank you so much ! 

How much would it cost to ask you to create additional move for this character ? Thanks !

amazing , thanks !