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Thank you for this it looks great!

Used it in my LD49 entry if you interested to see: 

All your stuff are great!!! Used it in LD49 thank you for sharing all of this sprite universe you created!

i cant believe i see this on itch and for free , i used to love kudos back in the day, always wanted to see kudos 3!!! dam the nostalgic love feel is big right now lol, is there any hope to see kudos 3 in the future?
great work on the games i really loved them and wish you the best.

Seabass !!! Been a while , hope you are doing well :)

The game your working on right now looking great

wish i knew about this audio system sooner !! didnt even know you had a itch shop xD your awesome as always . cheers 

Im so happy to see your active again ;D Your stuff is brilliant.

Thanks ! 

It is indeed have what i wanted but i didnt like the amount of objects it used so i coded my own inventory but used urs and the tutorial u used as guidelines for mine so overall im happy with the purchase ! learnt a bunch while doing it :)

a thing could improve is more comments and translate to english the Portuguese comments maybe

Thanks a lot ;) happy game dev'ing

Hey man , i see that the order proccessed today/yesterday after i got the error for it few days ago i assumed it was just canceled and i already bought it in the Yoyo marketplace ,so i basically bought it twice due to this incident, is it possible to get refund for this one ? thank you.

(i can show receipts if you need them)

(1 edit)

Hello , i tried to buy but it seems there is a problem.

i got error 201 on and paypal is stuck on pending payment. 

letting you know it is only this asset giving me those errors , hope you can fix this soon i would like to buy this asset. thank you.

EDIT: I bought it through Yoyo Marketplace successfuly , so maybe check why does problem with that for future customers.

Very nice !

This is awesome !!!

It is really really good , thank you !

Everything feels so good in this , i really think you should reconsider finishing this haha.

Good job !

i cant believe such nice thing have 0 comments. it is beautiful ! if i ever make a game it fits to i definitely will buy !

As always your animations are top notch , but i find your previous style more appealing.

This is really neat , i love the feel of your animations ! 

i was looking for a trickster sprite for ages , and your jester fits it perfectly , thank you so much ! 

How much would it cost to ask you to create additional move for this character ? Thanks !

amazing , thanks !