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same problem here on mac. once i pick up the first item in the class i never make it out 

i love this

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games a lot of fun, just tried it and didn't get any glitches! also on mac. 

i also can't get past the falling one! i tried a bunch of things, but i'm stuck lol. i tried hitting them, then going on them, doesn't work. tried hitting twice and they die. 

edit: just watched a youtube video and now i feel like an inpatient idiot 

Not sure if it's a glitch, but on the third level if you scale across the dresser and then the wall and stay on the wall, your character goes off the screen and you don't pass. just wanted to let you know! could be part of the game also 

the new update is amazing! really helped with the repetiveness of the 3 castle levels. had a lot of fun with this 

Red card crashed towards the end. Would also help if each player you put down had the color of the team