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Does the NT / W95 / DOS  Versions come with the GoG version? Thanks!

Will this possibly be sold at the Itch store?

I think when we all play the new version, and assuming the crash comes up again, we can pool our feedback so you can slay that Beast!

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I started playing video games around 1980 as a kid. My first game was Zork. Of course, Warsim is light years ahead of Zork as it has tons more depth but I am so glad there are those that still appreciate this style of game. Great graphics are just fine, but in the end, it's the GAMEPLAY that matters! I am a GOG user and happened to see that this game will be there soon...BUT...I just could not wait to play it so I got it here and would be happy to support it on GOG as well!  It's great to see that this game is still being improved...would love to see where it can still go!

P.S. I carry this game on a thumb drive so I can play anywhere/anytime!

Great! Available sooner than I expected!

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The post was by a GOG member (TheGrimLord) not staff, which is why i wanted to verify.

Either way, glad to hear about this game! I do think it would fit well w/ GOG! Should give them a ring again....

I heard about this game in a post. It mentioned that the game may go to GOG as well. Just a rumor? Look forward to getting it no matter what storefront, though....Thanks!

Would love to see a remake of Starfleet and Starfleet II. Just a dream but would be great.....

Really looking forward to this.......seems like a great FPP rogue-like (a rarity) with a great mystery vibe!!

WORLD OF HORROR community · Created a new topic Updates
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Saw the updates here and on the GOG changelog....Great to see the game back in action!!

Hope to see v1.4 here soon! Great game!

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Will a Mac version 2.1.x be available at some point? Love to play this on both platforms!

How about adding an elevator (maybe with a camera inside) and gym locker room(s). haha

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Love the homicidal AI and the overall tension of the game-play. It's scary! No way to approach this game in a leisurely fashion. I think the AI is at a good level on both easy and hard but I hope there will be more locations to hide in such as bigger/additional building.  Ok, I found the WC's so no need for those. It would be a little neat to see some pocket doors that are common in Japanese schools.

Also maybe add some objects to  be used as distractions and / or to slow her down a bit and make the AI more "angry" and aggressive! Maybe on hard or super-hard level have a stamina limit on  the player and maybe the stalker.

Anyway it's tons of fun at this stage! Great!

Harder than the original arcade!

This is not an issue I had but I found this at the GOG site where WOH made it's debut...

Saving the game deletes your spells, removes your equipment, and permanently gives you -1 health and -1 sanity.
Playing an entire run without saving is not very long but for those needing to save for whatever reason It's zero fun.