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Pretty good for ur first game.

starts at 8:22

Very creative game, I haven't played it in full I only got the first night, am planning to make a second playthrough

i appreciate the games you make, but i will say the ending was a bit anti-climatic.

starts at 4:37

i never watched arthur as a kid so this is as close as ill get to the show. 

then i hope it doesnt run

ill be honest gameplay is so awesome and interesting, i would say tho that figuring out what your supposed to do is a bit hard, maybe i should have played it more than once but there wasn't any time. 

7:57 is when the game starts if your wondering

Its an awesome game, made me scream the whole time HOWEVER, while the gameplay was terrifying the ending was alright. Still tho awesome game.

is there a way to download the games individually? the reason I'm asking is because my internet is incapable of downloading the full 2gb disc. but if I download them one by one its possible, the game I want to download as of now is Walk.

This was a really good game, im not sure if i played it properly but it was scary nonetheless!!

Awesome game my favourite out of two games
game starts at 3:48 btw

Liked the game!! spent a few minutes trying to beat it because I didn't know what to do but its good.


It starts at 7:11

I dont even know how to drive in gear, but its a good game!!

it starts at 5:10

Pretty awesome game!! I was going to play ep 2 too but it said something about a virus?

This was included in a video but was the star of it, lovely game!!

It was included in a video with another game, its pretty alright. 

I'm considering buying the game and play it on my channel but I would like to know the specs first to see if I can run it on my computer please.