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Enjoyed this one, the atmosphere, & music are the best. Fits the show just right. 

I'll try that, wish me luck.

What a bizzare game.

I really wanted to play this game but the controls are badly broken. I cant move with W or S. I watched other YTubers videos and their playthrough seems fine. I re-downloadde the game because I thought maybe it was a bug but no luck. Not sure whats going on.

Really enjoyed this one, the only part of the game that was a bit annoying was the masshing "E" button. Otherwise , it's great. 

Just played & uploaded.  Nice game will it be a full project or was this just for fun I wonder?

Loved the game, 2 thumbs up & hope for the full product soon! 

I think we can all agree that Mannequins creatures are scary for all players. 2 Thumbs up. 

Just played, I really like the Monochrome style it typically works well with games of this caliber. Here's my video

Thanks bro! I appreciate that

I really enjoyed playing this and applaud you adopting the silent hill type atmosphere.

This is an interesting game. I played uploaded. Hope to play a sequel or full game that delves into the full story. 

Fun to play, Great voice over & big shout out to the developer! Here's my playthrough 

A fun playthrough, I uploaded this today to my youtube channel. Check it out & let me know what you think of my playthrough. Feel free to leave a like & comment. Much appreciated! 3am At The Krusty Krab Gameplay

This was terrifying yet satisfying. & yes my childhood has also been tampered with playing Arthurs Nightmare. lol 2 thumbs up. I made it to Night 4. Hoping to get atleast 30 likes to complete. Check out my video & let me know what you think.Arthur's Nightmare Gameplay Night 4