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All the bees

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Is there any way to try out the game?

r/backrooms vibess

Tough to balance, a lot of people struggled to finish

Spamming the aoe heal to win is an authentic raid healing experience ;)

Simple concept, lots of polish - very fun :)

Surprisingly tricky but very addictive :)


Thanks for playing :)

wow, your reactions and editing are great, made me laugh out loud watching you play xD

Thanks that would be fantastic!

As a small aside, the current folder setup for the shaders will cause errors in a build as the shaders are not in a "Resources" folder. This means Shader.Find() will not work.

So I'm trying out the shaders, the effects are great and the demos are really well laid out! You are definitely under-valuing this asset and I'll be tipping you more! - My only issue is that the outline shader for sprites draws into the sprite rather than adding new pixels. I'm working on a game with really small sprites so it's not ideal for my usage. Do you think there's a work-around or fix? :)

that's great, thanks for the quick response!

Hey, this looks fantastic, will definitely purchase it later this week! My biggest worry is how to keep up to date? Will I have to redownload from itch every time you put out an update?


Maybe the real gun was the friends we made along the way...

GOTY 1903

Trippy as balls.