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That’s strange. libfmodstudio is included in the lib64 (or lib, if you run the game in x86 mode) directory included in the zip. Maybe you could check whether the directory layout is correct, i.e. when unpacking the .zip make sure to preserve the directory structure. With unzip on the command line, this would mean not using the -j flag.

I’m just guessing here, though. You could also run ldd Celeste.bin.x86_64 (or .bin.x86) and see whether any libraries are missing from your system (i.e. if any are reported as “not found”).

ohhh i wasn’t aware that was a thing in southern dialect! things they don’t teach in school…

nop, the current version (created 2023-07-23 22:33:44 UTC) has that specific rolls typo.

(also lol @ that timestamp)

current version.

p. 34, Armor: “When armor runs out it is destroyed and needs <to be> repaired or replaced”.

p. 40, the Soda list.

  • 3 says “GOBLIN SPEACH” while it’s spelled “Goblin speech” in the explanation on p. 41
  • 91 “POLLENATE” vs. “Pollinate”

p. 71, travel encounter list says “AVALANCE” instead of AVALANCHE

(2 edits)

posting these in an extra thread since they’re not exactly typos. A list of what seems to me like leftovers of previous versions, referencing things not currently in the book. All of these refer to location types in the hex exploration list

1: Reference to Magic Items tiered by roman numerals, while the current classification is Minor, Major, and Artifacts.

  • Ancient Forest
  • Burial Ground
  • Living Island
  • Moving Castle
  • Ruins
  • Ship Graveyard

2: References to healing/restoring Mind/Body. These aren’t mechanics in the current version of the game.

  • Melon Patch
  • Moon Beacon

3: References to encounters not listed in the ‘Spirits’ Chapter:

  • Shrine: Moon Lizards, Spell Thieves
  • Snake Pit: Moon Lizards, Spell Thieves, (Serpent Priests?)
  • Tremor Platform: Tremors

Been wondering about the Dream Journey reward that says “Increase the veracity of a trait”! Neither term is used anywhere else in the book and i’m not sure whether that’s on purpose or if this is a leftover from a different game / version of this game!

Page 74: Dungeon Entrance says “See page (xx)” instead of listing the actual page number

Summons, p. 36: “Only at their temples can be contacted.” – seems to miss a pro/noun (“Only at their temples can they be contacted” or something)

just quoting myself here: this fucking slaps …it slaps SO hard reading this makes me love being a trans woman so fucking much. it’s that feeling i get by listening to Tami T or Sophie

Super looking forward to playing this! Two things:

Question: I don't know what kind of number I am to write in front of the adventures I'll be going on. Do they signify the order in which I went? So natural numbers? Or is it a rating? Just arbitrary numbers? Can I write π in front of a prompt?

Small Correction: On page 1 it says the game ends when you have filled out page 4 but I suppose what you mean is page 5?

Thank you. This is wonderful and gives me strength.

this is so cute and good and awesome!!! <3

i can't get the controls to work on linux, am unable to move the wizard…


Just finished playing through the series and i have to say I'm utterly in love with all the characters /o\<3

very good game. i love it <3

I don't think I heard people do that fake quote in person, thankfully it has been only the internet... But people here in Germany often find other ways to demonstrate how little they wish to learn from history and act as if the fascists were beat by civil conversation. Seems to be the same everywhere, really.

LOL, "killing random people". Yeah, that's what antifa does... Sometimes I wonder if right-wing people even try to connect to reality or just comfortably embrace the web of propaganda and lies around them.

Nice little game, I especially enjoyed your Voltaire!