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Thank you for the quick reply. After some investigating, I found out that my antivirus was blocking the app from being installed and I had to manually unblock it. Sorry for the trouble. 

For some reason, I can't seem to install the game as there are various things that simply can't seem to download. I don't have an issue with the Kanji version of the game and wondered if anyone has experienced issues

Thanks for the update, glad to see that you're still continuing with the game. Good luck with the rest of the developmetn :D

When are those, i'm not too familiar 

Ditto, when will the full game be released does anyone know ? 

This game is really effective at teaching someone Kanji. It doesn't even feel like i'm learning most of the time which is the beauty of the game. It would be nice to know how many orbs I had though at any given time but overall its a good game, with good graphics and an interesting storyline. 

Interesting game, I really liked snow's character. I'm hoping we can get to check out the dorms soon.