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Our first livestream was a success! We are happy to announce the winner of our giveaway. Miss Ashley will be our new character in the game! Exciting. We can't wait to see her face in Shin'Ar. 

We are so happy  that Daniel is working so hard. He's amazing. Check it out! 

Let us know about the bugs and issues you find in the game!

The project is open source so you can take a look at the code!

You can find  the game repository on Github!

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Thank you for the freed back @LadonnaMalie!! 

I'll Give the name some thought and come up with something for it!

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Yup, what do you think so far? What do you think I should add or change?

-[ FIXED ]- Can't get into crafting station in players home.

-[ FIXED ]- Rachel says, you did not complete the quest yet, which I never got the quest to begin with. 

-[ FIXED ]- Cannot go into cellar of Communal Hall.

Lets us about some of the bugs or issues you have encountered.

NOTE: This is for the Closed Beta Testers.

Below you leave a list of issues and bugs that you have found while playing the game. If you feel that something should be added feel free to leave a comment below.