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I can't wait for the full version to come out! I'll keep an eye out for it! I like The Strangers design especially, he's very cute! ^^

hi! Is it possiable to ever actually win or deliever the letter? I think I've gone down every path...!

Thats wonderful! I'll keep an eye out for your next Game Jam, and if you do end up patching this game I'll try to be the first to play it! Keep up the great work!

This is fantastic! I know its not likely, but if you are ever interested in relasing a longer verison or sequal, I would ceraintly play it!!!

I used to play this game when it first came out and then I lost it and forgot the title. I re-found it last week. The computer image comes up, the screen goes dark, and the game never loads. I've tried many times on different days. Is this a problem on my end? Does anybody know how to fix this?

Good Game, I love the whole speed dating multiple choice thing, but plus a MILLION for all the Hamilton refrences <3

I return to this game every few months, trying to beat it. I have spent hours on this game, yet I always seem to run out of time. Either the floor stains or dishes are always left over.
I also wonder why theres empty space in things like the bed and the closet?

Aww!! I just wanted to talk to that poor lovely lonely old lady forever though! <3

Hi! I really liked your game! But after I called Max's father, the screen just went dark. I can't tell if that means the game is over or if this isn't supposed to happen. If  thats the end, is it possiable you could maybe put a message or something at the end to make it more clear? If its just a bug or an accident though, let me know as I'd love to continue playing!

I have an old computer, so I have trouble downloading things, but if your future games are browser friendly, I'll defientally play them!

I really liked this! It was cute! I would love to see a longer verison with more choices someday, but even if that doesn't happen, I'm glad I took time to play this cute little game

I got the 'I think we're getting somewhere!' All five days, but I still got the "You Suck" ending...?

This is amazing! I hope you consider the idea of a full game, I would 100 percent love to play that!