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Antibody #822861516

Both cases are solvable. The problem comes from the solver you are using. Some publicly available solvers might wrongly conclude that a puzzle is unsolvable.

Nice game! I encountered an error when I tried to 100% the game (potential spoiler in the image below). The error happens when I try to cut the wire.

I should check my GitHub notice more often due to a lot of reasons but apparently I did not. I have replied in Github. Thanks for the message.

You might need to teleport back to choose another direction. Some rooms are unbeatable before you acquire certain recipe(s).

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It is working in progress. We have some algorithmic issues that have to resolve

Finished in ~40 minutes. Brilliant and creative level design! Had a lot of fun playing it.

I took it down since the challenge set is implemented with a c++ library (currently) not compatible with html5 export. I will try to resolve the issue by rebuilding Godot against the library and hopefully get a fully functional html5 release.

I have never compiled it on mac and I know there will be many issues to resolve. I will build one when I get a mac.

This is intended. If you have played the challenge in the original game, this should be pretty straightforward and easy to understand.

If you have not yet played the original game: Impossible puzzles are only generated in the "select 1 in 3" parts where there are 3 horizontally aligned puzzles with similar elements, but only one of them is solvable and you need to find which one is solvable and solve it to proceed.

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Warning: we have found a bug that causes memory leakage. The game might freeze in a late stage (~1h of gameplay) due to insufficient memory. Since we cannot modify our game build, we have uploaded a fixed version at This post-jam build only fixes the memory leakage problem without changing other things.

According to the regulation of the jam, please do not use the re-uploaded version to rate this game. Please only use the original version for rating.

Thanks for the report. We have managed to fix it. The fixed version is uploaded to since we cannot change this game during the rating period.

The memory leakage comes from the script that removed nodes without queuing them free. Godot does not free a node unless it is explicitly told to be free.

You are right. We are looking into the issue now and I will keep this thread updated.

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Thanks! Saving progress is not yet implemented (sorry about this)

Hi all,

This is Alith, one creator of the game. As a puzzle creator, we tried something different in this game jam. This game adopts the concept of "deck building" on dice faces (partially inspired by the game Luck be a Landlord) and combines the idea with a resource management strategy game.

I personally really enjoy the game idea. We originally designed a harder version with scarce resources and that requires careful decision-making, but we ended up with an easier version (it looks more like an idle game now). 

I proudly invite you to try out our demo. Be sure to tell us what you like and dislike about the game.


I just learned how to create an unexpired one. Here is it:

You can join the witcup server

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Thanks for the feedback. The spoiler warning screen was added in the V1.02 update

A Linux build is possible but I do not plan to maintain a Linux version (you can directly compile it from the source code if you have Godot)

It is supposed to teach you through levels instead of text, like in the original game.

Thanks for reporting! It is a bug as the regions are not correctly calculated after we updated the puzzle validator. It affects all ghost puzzles.

It has been fixed in version 1.01, please download the updated version above. Thanks again for the bug report.

Currently no, since irregular boards are hard to draw with keyboards

Good point. I think I have fixed it.

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks! :)

Cool game concept!

Maybe mandatory sacrificing is a good thing to encourage players to think out of the box? 

BTW, is it favorable to group levels according to their "solving strategies" to make learning more progressive (i.e., learning each strategy individually before entering levels that requires combining multiple strategies)?

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Great game. Some novel solutions: