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i feel they should add a guy version, for the gays or whatever 

I’m not crying 

So I have now spent at least $50 on this..I feel bad for being rude 

I’ve attempted to buy it again, but it still won’t work, neither did I get a notification of a purchase, 

In the browser version, I can’t seem to type anything in the ‘brain’ section, or anywhere

I also didn’t receive an email about my purchase, or a text message

I attempted too, but it either crashed my computer, or showed up blank

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I’ve commented before on this, which was completely my fault since I clearly can’t read properly, but I’ve bought the game, and yet, I can’t get past the demo, on steam or Ichio, 

it is a tad bit disappointing as I’ve been looking forward to playing this, the demo was quite good,

ah, makes sense, thanks! :)

there should definitely be a incubus version, or m/m

Oh, I must not have seen it, my apologies..

it should have a’gay’ version where it’s m/m

You should also put DEMO in the title, it was a bit confusing the first time 

I’m a little bit disappointed, I’ve bought the game, but I can’t open it, I’ve downloaded it for desktop and etc, but it won’t work

Is there a way to fully mute the music

does the dog you meet at Norgas count as two companions? I tried to leave it at the forest, but then it says I have one companion, but I don’t have anything showing

and an option to escape unwanted sex scenes

I really like it so far, but I have a few suggestions,

1: what about adding different Color’s instead of just purple?

2: for the kinks, maybe you could add a description of the kink so people know what it is

3: maybe add a preferred partner option, like gay, lesbian, etc

Any chance of maybe having male characters? Or maybe an option for them?

Ok, thank you!

a bit late bruv,

I’m using a computer with a web browser, I tried using a mobile, but the same thing happened

thank you, don’t stress about it though!

I know it’s a game over screen, quite literally, but it’s a bit alarming is all, and the other thing is, I had at least 90 romance with Dalton, but nothing showed up,

Also, sorry for all the questions, is it possible to get back together with Dalton after the whole SCS thing?

No, I don’t mind, it’s not fair for you to change the whole story for one thing, but another thing I would like to say as a suggestion, for the part where they all have dinner, and Mack tries to convert Ryan, for the bad ending could you possibly add a trigger warning for the su—ide? It was a bit, alarming 

there’s a slight problem..

is there any possibility of making a browser version?

I never thought I would find a game and get addicted to it this fast,

My only complaints, (although they aren’t really complaints, more comments) is whether or not you plan on adding more BDSM content with Dalton? Other than that, it’s a good game and I’m excited to see more updates!

I’m also using a computer,

I’m using it in a browser, and with Chrome, I tried using different things, safari, Firefox, etc, and tried to download and play that way, but it still happens,

As much as I love this game, whenever I click on an option, the screen cuts, 

I’m a bit upset, I was in second chapter, saved the game and left, came back a few minutes later, had to start a new game all over again 

I love this game! Please do at least a similar one! or a simulation of them in heaven??? OR AT LEAST SAY THEY'RE OK

OHHH Ty! Im an idiot!

The door when you first enter, with the dude and the cat?

I still dont know how to open the door...I'm just stupid...

Uh- another do we use the landlord during the night-

Dammnnn good game

Ok! No problem, take your time