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Alice Olinov

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Fuck that spider looking thing!

June: "I totally didn't see this coming. I don't really know what to say."

Me, thinking of what Jun said to me in his route: "Don't bullshit me!"

Seriously, anything he says or does in Shoichi or Keisuke's routes I take with a grain of salt because I am too aware he's a faker. 

I did notice that. I mean that Luke says "You mean like when you killed me?" to Alon during Penetration, referencing the under the table Assassination.

...that was the reference, right? I'm not reading too much into it?

I love how "Penetration" referenced "Assassination". Very clever.

Also, can't wait for more from Max and Thistle!

Y'know, if they ever get out of this alive, I'd like to see Luke travel with them to explore the rest of the world and see some of the other races. There is a lot of potential for more story outside of Shelter itself, and it'd be cool to see that story. More of Luke's past, more of the Ancients' tech and history, the wars, the Moon linage... I'd like to see it all.

Can't wait for Max's hangout time. Considering we remembered mana control from Burry and Pack Mentality from Rune, what will we learn/remember from Max?

Right! I forgot about that. Well, I know what I'm playing through again

A pink thing floating in the lake and a flat-faced creature...

What do we even call those things with holes for eyes and a mouth?

If you mean the Caucasian Shepherd in armor, that's Cooper

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I'm glad I figured I could use mana to track Teak's movements - while it may not have helped now, that can be useful in the future. And the blood, too. Both parts I figured could happen, and I'm glad they did. 

Brutus... I'm sorry.

Also, thinking about the fact no monster's mana ever had human mana in it (I'm assuming that's white), I wonder if it turns out the monsters are more than just monsters.

Seeing Alex look straight down threw me off guard for a second - seeing him glare at me knowing that I hurt Keisuke is even worse. I really hope I can prove to Alex I can be someone with whom Keisuke can be safe.

Also, thanks for that new Jun art!

1. AWOOSOME UPDATE!! Seriously, this was cool. Loved seeing all the new dogs (just wish they didn't hide so much of themselves), and the lecture was a cool way to show us more worldbuilding. I can only imagine that in my spar with Teak, I accidentally cut him but use his Mana-infused blood to heighten my senses and abilities to better defend against him. Maybe (idk how this works) I use Mana Vision to see his Mana flow to predict how he'll strike and defend?

Also, does anyone think it possible to give everyone else Human senses and mental thought process via Pack Mentality? 

2. I can't believe i didn't think of this during Burry's Cooking update, but I let my mind wander and pictured Burry and Luke exchanging Mana-infused saliva so and activating it so they can both share what the other doesn't have. Imagine the new recipes Burry could come up with!

Although I didn't get to hear it this build, Pythian Chant really soothes me. In fact, it's now my alarm ringtone for me to get to bed. 

I'm glad Kota and Luke get along as well as they do. It's also nice to see Asterion trust the Protagonist a bit more - I just wish he would've trusted them without the Oath of Rings (forgot what it was called). But I'm willing to do it, because I may come across a situation where I end up sending him there in rage or disappointment. As for Storm and P, can't wait to see more of them!

Awesome content such as this is always worth the extra wait. In fact, the wait makes your releases feel that much better, more unique.

Ever since Jun's 26th day, I've been going back and seeing just how many potential times he was being "manipulative": playing up is cuteness, acting more dense than he really is - not just to MC, but to everyone. It's both sad and fascinating. 

Also, I've heard about occasions where a severe injury that doctors said were impossible to recover from managed to be healed, or injuries managed to take a far shorter time to heal than usual. (My Dad had an injury that was supposed to take two years to heal - healed in six-ish months.) Given MC's fitness and the support from his friends and family, I think he does have a bit more of a chance to fully recover than normal. His (our) decisions may influence this.

Ho boy... when they say "You're going around in circles," I thought they meant repeating history and bad habits (possibly influenced by or feeding Echo). Now it's also like, "You're going around in circles," literally.

I also want to take a moment to appreciate Murdoch's reaction when Avery asks to meet Sam in the tent, as well as the text changing when "William" was talking (that radio noise is getting to me again).

I'm getting chills... Awesome work. Can't wait for more.

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I originally thought I would've given Teak the jewel-thingy when he almost hurts me while I visit Cooper, but I guess I'm too shocked to think about that. Hilarious though.

Thistle... we need to have a serious talk about your conception of human anatomy and behavior.

Imagine a CG for when Shoichi goes off on you for screwing everything up.

Thanks. I figured it was something like that.

Hmm... never saw this. What do I have to do to get go this point?

What color would his perspective take? We have Jun orange, Keisuke purple... how about Schoichi green to match his eyes?

Everyone is gonna look amazing in them. I wonder how much/little will be different that day depending on who you chose.

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Hah! Love this update and all it had to offer. I knew Keisuke's family was bad, but that scene gave me chills (good music selection, too). It was nice to see a bit of action with Keisuke.

Only thing I can say to fix (minor details) is a few text errors and the fact Keisuke had his shirt on for a couple lines despite the fact it was being washed (right around when he was reading a book before we both went to bed).

Keep up the amazing work!

Edit: I'm curious as to whether Keisuke's grandmother and/or the traitor will have a "tragic accident" at some point- I hope that bitch woman will have a funeral that is sure to be... memorable.