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Alice Gone Mad

A member registered Mar 17, 2016

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I am absolutely amazed by this game! The whole plot is great and I adore fantasy themed games :) The characters seem very enjoyable and their artwork is beautiful as well. And also! As someone who can't afford to pay for games, I am eternally grateful that something this pretty will be free! Can't wait for the full release, I'm very interested in seeing the story developing!

Okay, I just saw the new game you are working on and I'm SO PUMPED! It looks absolutely incredible. I'm not really up to date what with the school and stuft but I'm so excited to see you're working on something new :D I'm looking forward to it!

I played this game a few months back and I daresay this is one of the best otome games I have ever played, If not the best. I absolutely loved the characters and their personalities, the plot is so good and the story folds out perfectly. Right now I'm downloading this version even if it's almost the same as the first one, but I have to play one more time. Great job on this one! I hope you keep up with your work and that I'll be seeing some new stuff from you soon. Best wishes and merry Christmas! :)

I absolutely adore your games! I'd dare to say they're one of the best ones I've ever played with awesome plot and great characters. I'm playing this game right now and I love it as much as Ciel. Keep up the great work!