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the lockpicking system really frustrates me, maybe there should be some way to go around it if you go through an additional challange (maybe if you get to the chest fast enough?)

nice game, a bit short tho

great concept and nice execution

ąround 5 fps at all times despite the lowest graphic quality, I dont have the best computer, but this is out of the ordinary, also, mouse sensitivity settings would be handy

not much of a game, just a spoooookyy slideshow

I have two suggestions that could help smooth out the game:

1. an instant restart button so you dont have to jump down to the floor and confirm restarting every time you screw something up (its a minor detail but would really help streamline the game)

2. a bigger hitbox for pickups, right now it usually takes a second or two to position yourself precisely which slows down the pace of the game

you could also make levels revolving around enemies following you off edges to their doom while you jump back to safety.

Nice game btw.

hi, I just wanted to say I really liked your game, found it while binging gmtk's yt and really enjoyed it :)