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Your words are too kind! Thank you so much :)

thank you so much!! :)

😳 thank you


Some small easter eggs of sorts include the dialogue from the doll after helping the boy move on, which is "thank you" in Swedish, and Charon having a bit of dialogue that hints at the true nature of the protagonist if you talk to him right before ending the game.

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Hint: Alkians are hurt by light. You should wait for a moment where the red light in front of the Holl is on.

Thank you!! :)

Thank you so much! :)

there is more than one ending in this game, but time is solid here just had one ending.

Not for this game, but you might be happy to see whats in my upcoming project 👀


si, una persona llamada anafrancia esta trabajando en una traduccion en mi discord. Si te unes puedes preguntarle si puedes ayudar! :)

Thank you big props to monom who did the soundtrack!

Thank you!! :)

Thank you <3

Thank you so much -- the pitch for my next game is done so production is full steam ahead :)

Thank you so much :)

yes its based off the guide of the underworld in Greek mythology!

Are you playing on igcognito mode or with cookies disabled? If the issue continues, I recommend playing on the download version, which shouldn't have similar issues when saving.

The traditional greek way to pronounce it uses an inbetween of K and H -- "Khar.on"

However, I just say "Sharon"

Did you ever get to the point where Charon tells you he can save your game and opens the save screen?

true i may have been too cynical while writing them haha

What happens when you tried to save with Charon -- did the game give an error?

thank you!

What issue did you have with saving?

The next game will be made without it - this was made at a time when AI art had just released and had an interesting uncanny look -- now that it seeks to just look the same as human art it is less interesting and more nefarious. For ethical and aesthetic reasons I will not be using it in future projects!

Thank you!

Big thanks :)

the idea was inspired by real life ;)


Big thanks that means a lot :)

this is so touching thanks :,))))

this means a lot ty!!

this means a lot ty!!

Thank you Im flattered!

Thank you <3

Thank you :)

probably because it's the same engine and they're both saved in your browser's cookies, though I would be interested to see what happens when you load that save lmao

Thank you it means a lot :)

Thank you so much I'm touched! :)