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This is one of my all-time favorite fonts! I use it all the time in my school projects!

I love this game so much. Only played through twice but it's certainly made its impact. I constantly come back for inspiration when working on my own projects. I love the pixel style and the atmosphere. It's a strangely comforting game despite being graphic and uncomfortable at times.

Such a delightful and adorable game! The manatees were very cute

This was so cute!

Went through the five stages of grief playing this - this is a positive comment, liked the little guys

I come back to this game every once a while and have a ball

Such a nice and atmospheric experience, the music fit really well too! Lovely game :)

Really loved this! Love the aesthetic a lot :)

the title screen made me think it was gonna be a horror game but was pleasantly surprised! Though the kick to my emotions sucked, really nice game :) 

I really liked this!

I came into this with assumptions about what the game was going to be about and related a lot to Sara and her opinions. But when I made it to the end it was such a sobering experience and so bittersweet, makes you rethink your character and everything that happened.

Such a bizarre experience but I find myself coming back to this

Sososo cute, appreciate the various poses the kitties are drawn in and all of the different meows!

Really enjoyed this, love your storytelling

Was honestly expecting it to be horror but was pleasantly surprised! Really enjoyed it, loved the visuals

so cute... and realistic honestly

Very cute, honestly realistic for me

Very adorable, found the art style so charming and fitting. Also love that you can name all of them, that was cute :)

Really love the character designs wow

Very cute but frustrating at first. The ending was worth it though.

That was so lovely

Sososososo cute! I remember downloading desktop pets off of DeviantArt back in the day but they don't work for me anymore. This is so cute, I adore it!

Such a cute and simple game! Got confused on the second level though when I had to pull haha but got the hang of it!

This was so lovely, reminded me so much of my cat honestly. He's almost the exact same. Really loved that part about the pillow.