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This is a terrifying pdf.

After all, what is roleplaying if not a form of collective dreaming?

This is fascinating stuff. Since I first read about the phenomenon, the “This Man” of real life has always stuck with me. This Game is a very neat exploration of that uncanny, liminal sensation using tarot. But what really sets it apart is the use of music to explore those hard to reach emotional places.

I just left a comment on the video, but thank you so much for making this. It's a wonderful review and overview, and it's really validating hearing how the module seems to have resonated with you. It's a very diligent commentary and I'm impressed at your ability to improvise on the spot!

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Hello! Thanks for your comment and your interest in Thousand Empty Light. Great to hear you're going to feature the module - looking forward to it. To answer your questions:

1. [-] means roll with disadvantage, [+] means roll with advantage. This is also how the core Mothership rules styles it in its tables.

2. It should be fine to play the soundtrack underneath speech in your video. I agree, I think the music is excellent and I'd love more people to hear it.

Feel free to post the link to your video here when it's live.

Thanks again!


Awesome! Congratulations! I don’t think many people have cracked all three.

Thank you!

Amazing review, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for your comment! Yes, I’m familiar with those (and I love my GYCPIYHBY book!), but for whatever reason they don’t completely click with me.

Love the simplicity of this. It’s really a virtue when the game is played without any materials. I’ll give it a go tonight.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know. LMNL reminds me a bit of BABS. Interesting stuff!

If you drop me a line here we can discuss over email Cheers!

…and yes!


Cool setting and very surreal prose!

This is a killer line: “Be heedless of the mysteries of the world, and you shall have as your shadow the wrath of one”. I’m going to be thinking about that.

Awesome, that was quick! Looking forward to checking it out.


Love to hear it, thanks for me letting me know!

So with yes/no questions, a 5: Tie indicates something inconclusive about the question or outlook, and worsens your character’s situation somehow.

Harm is a separate, abstracted thing. (Also it’s possibly hard to see the words in this section). Essentially if bad stuff happens to your character and it makes sense in context, you can decide they suffer a point harm. Or you can ask a yes/no question to decide if they suffer harm.

If they get to 5 points of harm, they perish. Your fingers on one hand are a good way to keep track of this.

Diedream is a free, one page, solo TTRPG designed for playing in your head in bed.

It uses an ingenious diceless randomiser and easy-to-remember oracles to take you on unexpected journeys.

No dice. No writing. Just you and your thoughts.

As much as I personally love playing solo TTRPGs often I don’t have the time or I’m too tired. This is where Diedream comes in. If you’re like me, it also has the added benefit of helping you sleep.

As a bonus, there is also a one-page adventure module, Wild of Eye, and a template for creating your own modules.


Of course! That should now be available.

This is awesome. I love where it took you.

Thank you!

Awesome. Yeah, I find the incident report thing simple but effective. It’s a neat way to give a player’s playthrough a bit more cohesion.

Hey! Thanks for checking it out. The alpha zine edition is also known as 0 edition (0e) so the 1e is different. But it’s just been announced that the PDFs are being released next week. I don’t know whether they’ll go up for general sale.

If not, the only important change (for Thousand Empty Light) is to how Panic checks work. In 1e when you make a Panic check you roll a d20. If the result is greater than your current Stress level, nothing happens. If not however, you take that value and consult the Panic chart (Thousand Empty Light has its own one).

There are also changes that streamline combat I believe, but the Panic thing is most important for this module.

This sounds amazing, thanks for letting me know!

Excellent! Thanks for your comment

These look great. The instructive design is impeccable!

Woah! This seems like an invaluable resource. Looking forward to using this.

I think this is how I would run it but that distinction is left up to the player’s interpretation. Mostly because trying to visualise this (hard!) moves it away from the simplicity I was after.

Ha, yeah I realise it defeats the point somewhat but I didn’t want to exclude anyone!

I love this. Awesome style and flavour. I'm going to try and get a game together.

Now this is exactly the reaction I’m after! Thank you.

I had a great time sailing the cursed sea full of regret for a life not led.

Wickedly mood-provoking with alluring stark visuals. Just look at that map! that title treatment!

Here's a bit more about my playthrough and a photo of my set-up:

Ha, love the dedication! No particular tips for running this for someone, should run easily enough I think. I’d love to hear how you get on.

They’re currently available on my web store:

Exalted Funeral also have them:

I love this. Thank you for taking the time to report back. It's awesome hearing about the solo procedure stuff working in other modules. This has made my day.

Poor thing! Yeah, I'd love to hear how you get on.

I haven't got all the way through this but I can tell it's really good with lots of original ideas and flavour. Do you have any plans to have it printed?