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This is a great game system. I've been using it to run the Mothership module, Gradient Descent. It works beautifully, even with converting rules across on the fly. My players are loving the very colourful characters that the tables generate.

hello! I’m thinking of running Gradient Descent using Monolith. Are you aware of anyone who has done so? Has anyone shared stat conversions from Mothership? Cheers! 

Awesome. Awesome to the max.

this is bloody awesome. Great job! 

Cool! Worms of the Earth is probably my favourite REH story of all

very cool little game module! Nicely done 

This game and campaign for some reason evokes the video game 'Doomdark's Revenge'. That game features larger armies forming alliances and moving against one another. Would you ever consider adding a streamlined procedure for mass battles?

Perfect addition to the Cairn basic rules. Very useful!

Dice Souls community · Created a new topic Failure query

Hi! Just noticed a discrepancy between the quickstart rules and the core rules... the die result for failure should be 1,2 or 1,2,3? Thanks!
Cool game :)

This is unreal. So cool!

Can't wait for the first adventure and to give it a play!
Have you read Slipgate Chokepoint by Andrew Walter? He has a couple of published modules for that game which I'm sure would run perfectly well with your QVKE BORG rules...

I have the hard copy of the first printing (I think), and I have the PDF of v2. Do you have a list of errata you could share that I can use when referring to my hard copy?

Cheers - cool adventure!

this is truly impressive! 

I've never published any TTRPG stuff - until now! My submission is The Hadean Fort, a Mork Borg compatible module. Free to download. Any feedback appreciated.


Hello! I've been running some old TSR modules and newer OSR stuff with my group using my own hack of Knave. 

What's your main difference to Knave in this version?