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This game is really unique in its visuals. The animation is very delicate and refined, especially the double jump one. I love the constantly shifting between abstractness and reality. Making this piece more like an interactive artwork. 

I think this game can be a part of an endless series of games that might take pieces of your dream visualization and everyday inspiration. The sparks of ideas that might be very hard to visualize might not make sense in another type of game but will work in yours. Keep it up!

I like the responsive controller and all the ironic approach that make this game feel fun and relaxing. When players experience those unexpected metaphors, they start to anticipate more, then you gave them more supervises by showing more exotic and abstract level design.

This game is pretty emotional, but throughout the level, there is probably only one kind of emotion, consider refining that part.

Besides all the stunning visuals that everyone talks about. The game is super right on track (Well it is a game about On Track isn't it...). What I mean by that is: the premise of this game is simple and exciting. : run until you are unstoppable. A good controller will handle 90% of all your interaction with the environment, and then a good amount of dedicated time will be put into level design and relaxing particle effect creation moment. 

When I played the game, it is already immersive to enjoy the speed and all the wall climbing mechanisms, but I felt a little bit too much when I have to kill a bunch of enemies at the same time.  I feel like it is good to fully develop the pure Parkour aspect of this game first and playtest it. If players feel necessary, the space shooter part will then be happily introduced into play. 

Great game, looking forward to seeing the Blue Wheel run faster than light. 

Indeed very interesting theming. I and my cousin couldn't help to laugh the whole time. One thing we are very serious about is that the hood kid cannot significantly distract the driver! Maybe consider adding some magic ability to inverse driver's control. Or completely block its vision for 3 seconds where there are faster moving pedestrians on the street. The car could also do something in return, like bumping and dipping on ground obstacles, the hood child will then be disabled or completely get throw off the car and make the driver the winner instantly. 

Looking forward to seeing your iteration!

I could see how this game departs from first year's Run Faster. It truly shows the innovative screen splitting and control as a local multiplayer game. The aesthetic is very charming and the contrast between cute theming and all the ferocious action just feels attractive and relaxing. 

My only suggestion about this game is, probably not to this game but a future iteration of this genre of game: Make a simple version of it that can already contain so much fun! Try to limit the ability of all the characters to one. For example, the player will only have to push boxes and solve puzzles, while the antagonist will throw some cages and boxes to mess up their plan. That will make the game so much easier to balance and for players to catch up, unlocking a better utilization of the dedicated design map to set up some indirect level design.

It is always good to enjoy your game as an interactive piece of art with some snacks and drinks.

I got emotionally invested in this game as soon as I found showing my kind heart to other people will warm my screen. Good design choice there. I would suggest that making the process of getting kindness a little bit harder will be a better approach when players try to interact with the community members. It makes more sense. Also, make the player feel like the happiness value is something they have fought for, it is valuable. which I will talk more about later. 

At the second level, it takes me a good amount of time to find the exit, which is not a bad thing.  It is just interesting to see me acting like an eraser, exploring every pixel hidden behind the mask. Well, the result is a little bit anticlimax, there is no side story or any interaction found.  It is a great opportunity for you to incorporate interactions especially when the player does expect it to happen.  

There is something to think about the push-away mechanic, it doesn't make me feel irritated at all, probably my happiness value is not decreasing accordingly upon touch. I actually spend a great amount of time deliberately try to trigger all those assholes on the street and want to see what's gonna happen. So consider adding some punishing elements on the second level, when a player has invested emotion in this little character,  it feels bad to see what they have built up fade away. Players will dodge, try to keep safe at the same time wishing to explore and leave the place. Btw, there is a kind guy in the middle of the station in lv2 who will recharge my happiness to allow me to spend them for free. 

The third level is a little bit confusing to me. I feel convinced and sympathized to read the floor text in a different order. However, I think without any hint or objectives, only 1% of the player will get the passage you want to say. (Yeah I help you spoiled it)

I feel like there is a lot of potential on this truly "Emotion Shooter" game, a very balanced combination of love and action (ehmm...:). Also, a complete story can be made with a character who is not so special. It will make the story easily accepted and embraced by the public. 

I want to see the iteration. 

The level design is both challenging and fun at the same time. I like the part when you have to stand on a drone to avoid the damage of the laser. I could see this is a great prototype for some serious platformer game.

Currently, I noticed two things that bug me a little bit when I try to enjoy the game. The Space bar to jump works very inconsistent for me. Also, there is no indication that pops up when I am taking a serious amount of damage. So, works on controllers and UIs, you are well on the way.

Keen to see your iteration on this! 

I love your distinctive art style Chole! Very cute and delicate animation on the character. It is innovative to incorporate a storyline in a dodge-and-catch (I invented this word) style type of game. 

It is always better to see more interactions in this style of game. Introducing particles and screen shaking will definitely enhance the interaction feeling, I can't wait to hear your game decorated by sound design. 

Lastly, hope you've already fixed, the key binding issue we mentioned in class.

This game was really awesome. Not only I am a big fan of the pixilated "shader simulator", but also love the level design. The hint provided by the (#%&()#&@%@#& on the 2#)&@%*328974156 really got me, and I would love to see more of those great ideas on level design.

The light switch mechanic adds to the horror of the game. Making me tide up and brace for a jump scare. The note in darkness pops up is pretty obvious, I believe there is no need for notes.  

I do want to see more connection between those characters, or the character's connection to the level. A good complete storyline will make the psychological horror rise to another level! 

Also, I can move between inside the walls on the second floor. 

Very cool game that presents a consistent style of graphics of yours! The lighting of the particular system is very effective and increase the emerging feeling of the game. For improvements, more tutorials and easy-in levels are definitely welcomed. I love the idea of "Health Bomb" but I feel like it is very overpowered, make the shield redundant in some way, I almost never use it. Probably consider power up the reflected projectiles, or instantly suck in an enemy spaceship and use it as a missile against its own race. Lastly, consider making the lava pillar appearing at an earlier stage. People are missing out.

Pros: Interesting theming that definitely step out of the norm of Indie game Design, take a good amount of considerations of applying progressive curves.

Cons: Theming that might lose your game 1.4billion customers and audience. They might never be able to see it. lol

It feels cool being able to click the different documents, but currently I have to check through different pages to see their information every time I make a change to the game. Try to have a more integrated UI design in a way that some of the core information can always be seen by the player. People hate numbers, so we could use graphs and Pi-charts to intuitively informing players about what's happening. 

Very happy to see your completed story. The plot is very easy to follow.  It explicitly explained what happened in the story, and readers are not easily lose their interests because scenes are closely connected with each other. The tension in the story is controlled just right. It makes me hold my breath while finishing it. I sneak into the creek so I survived...  If the background pictures  follows a same  aesthetic style and appears to be crispier, it will be a even better add-on to the story.

Cool work!=,*= ) "/'

Your art work is wonderful, it comes out so attractive and natural at the same time.  I really enjoy the game! I feel so lucky to spend the first game design semester with you.

Very Interesting Game