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Hi can you make it quest compatible? Like all format?

oh ok I understand 馃槄 sorry but I won't be able to play the game looks fun though 馃榿

Can you make it an apk so I can sideload it?

It's been a while since the last update aND I finished all the previous updates have to offer so I was just wondering when do you plan to release the next update

Punch Pong communityCreated a new topic Android? Or IOS?

do you plan on having an android/ios port?

Punch Pong communityCreated a new topic discord server?
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when online launches could you have a discord server or if you have one already can you give me an invite i can find it 

is this if we already purchased the game or do we have to buy again for steam key? 

is that George not found?

Heres v2.6

Try talking to summer instead v2.6

you have to extract it using a rar extractor like winrar after that open folder and run rick and morty.exe 

can you put the link for the v2.4 pls 

i found only a v3.6 on mega

When is the new update going to be released?

I dont have 2.4 i only see 2.3

Hey i dont see a version 2.6 can you help me?

Will this game ever get the full version? It is AMAZING and i wish there were more levels