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I really like the mechanics on this one! The environment was super fun to travel around and mess with, but at the same time wasn't frustrating to try and use. Great atmosphere and design, with a unique concept.

Finally got the chance to check this out. Really loving the aesthetic here! Only real problem I had was the game wouldn't work in fullscreen mode, so I had to used windowed, which is TINY. Other than that, awesome.

Definitely agree with another commentor, needs some music. It's a good start though! Besides the lack of graphic options and some little glitches here and there, it's a great groundwork for a dungeon-crawler.

This was really cool and super impressive! And also surprisingly challenging, haha. Some of the obstacles were just mean. But seriously, great work. The whole time I was just so impressed, because I certainly couldn't put together something like this.

Fun little game!

Thanks, your game broke my mind. Good stuff.

Pretty cool so far! My main concern is that the movement feels a bit unresponsive and laggy. It's not as fluid as classic shooting games. Also, the music when going into combat is a bit jarring. Going from classic medieval ambient music to metal is a bit rough. It works in DOOM 2016 because the entire sound track is made to flow within itself based on what you're doing. I see what you're going for, but it's a bit crude at the moment. Also, the slow-motion kills could use more consistency, or a system behind them to make them mean something besides "look at this cool kill". Maybe there is, and I just didn't notice.

That said, this is a good start, and I can't wait to see how development goes.

I did start a new run where I'm gonna focus on psi powers, so we'll see how that goes.

Absolutely wonderful. I love the concept, and this is one of the few games I've looked at on that I kept playing after my initial review. I just want to grind out all the upgrades and see just how big the sword can get. 

Pretty cool so far! I liked the use of the QR code. Only real issue I had was the music was a bit repetitive and could be more upbeat, but otherwise it looks and plays pretty well!

Excellent demo. I had some suggestions like some supplementary dialogue at the beginning of the game (like a coffee sip or an assistant fiddling with the lights), but otherwise it was very fun. Also, it'd be nice if the gun was more prominent! Right now it's a bit small on the screen, and the core game mechanic is focused on the gun, so IMO it should be well detailed and be prominent on the screen.

Can't wait for the full release!

Was pretty fun, but I found a crazy bug in the boss fight, haha! Also not sure if it was my controller, but trying to do the downward smash was really inconsistent for me. Love the direction it's going in, though. Great visuals.

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I'll probably pick up the full version when available to do a full playthrough of it!

This is an absolutely adorable and fun to play game! Keep it up, team.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try your game out. I've done a gameplay/review video here! Keep up the good work.

Hey there. I took the time to do a little video about your game. Nice work so far!