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Alex's Assets

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A link to the page or something like "32x32 Dungeon Pack by Alex's Assets" works or you can just do "Alex's Assets". If you want to do it some other way then that's fine as well, it's really up to you.

Don't worry about it, it's not rude at all.

I just uploaded a .zip file version as well so you can go ahead and download that one.

Of course I don't mind. I'm happy to see it being used.

Yes. You're free to use it in personal and commercial projects. As long as you don't just redistribute it on its own you're fine.

Sorry, I'm not looking to join any projects right now.

Sorry, I don't. When I did the artwork, I didn't come up with any names, I just made it, so there were never any names to begin with. Feel free to call them anything you like.

Nice animation, I like it.

A white and red headband.

It's up now.