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best thing i have ever played, 10/10, no words

pretty sure your save data (like ranks) carries over from other builds with the same levels

isnt cross compiling a thing?

if u want to create a mod for the game then use undertalemodtool, u can search up a tutorial on gamebanana but a script you need for resprite mods is ImportGraphics.csx, you may find it in Scripts>Repackers

mods work with pirated versions, just use delta patcher instead of pizza oven

s n i c k . w e b m

u cant use the delete programs thing in control panel/settings, the game is portable so there for u just have to delete its folder/.exe and

late but u can just use the following commands with wine installed

cd directory/to/PizzaTower

wine PizzaTower_GM2.exe

use wine maybe

niko has a gun and they are fucking pissed

i have pirated every existant adobe product and i will now pirate microsoft products

piracy isnt illegal in every country, some countries allow you to download pirated games but not distribute them so dont go like "omga u dowlod pirat gem!11 u go jael u crimnal!11"

russia legalized piracy lol

u still need the real game to use this and also piracy isnt illegal in every country, you still can get sued by the developers when distributing pirated software if its made by a registered company

use 7zip, it extracts .rar files too, just like winrar

steam is banned in my country

are u using something like maximumadhd's tool grip editor? u prob didnt put the tool grip in manually


omg the "undertale" file appeared out of nowher cara heackerd me gem!111



i just got back to this comment section that is a month ago and i see this lol

great game

hmm yes circle has 3 sides

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hmm sus also epic game

hi sussy baka

Try using same keys as ugh chart

i made him sing first section of ugh lol

idk if its possible i just started learning godot

man nice game also idea is to add a day/night cycle and make so every time its night theres zombies and u gotta shoot them using gun etc that'd be cool

this game is ebik!!!

rip flash

lol my pic color is sus