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I'm glad I didn't pay for this. This feels like a pretty dry ice breaker, and was not very fun. Maybe prompts or something might help, but idk.

This game being free on here is awesome. I saw a couple people play it on YouTube and Twitch and wanted to try it myself. I found out it was free on here, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I love it and now purchased it on Steam!

I.RULE community · Created a new topic New Downloader

Since the new download and upload installer was made, I can't run I.Rule.  

I.RULE community · Posted in free

It's pay as you want, so it technically can be free.

What the hell are you even trying to say. I've read this a few times and am still baffled that someone not only can be such an asshole, but can also struggle so hard trying to be one.

If I had to make a few suggestions:

Create some UI that clarifies the controls. 

Make the enemies the same speed or slower than the attack animation, otherwise it is frustrating just hoping they don't dodge out of the way.

Maybe create some invincibility frames after getting hit once so that you don't get hit five times consecutively. 

Slow the spawn rate for the holes (at least for the first level) and make it a bit more obvious on how to fill them if it takes multiple attempts or a certain amount of time or resources.

I know some games like to be difficult on purpose, but I found this just to be more frustrating than fun.

A cute little game, but the controls are pretty bad... The attack animation is horridly slow, building requirements are vague, and building walls doesn't seem to do anything. Definitely a quick play though, so try it out for yourself!

Yeah, this is the only method I use, unless you can kill him in two hits, haha. The ladder method is good for the giant boss too, and tazer bosses.

I agree, this boss is the single most annoying thing in the world, haha. I think it is the contractor boss too, but any boss that can taze you while you are lying down after being tazed is also annoying. The cooldowns should be higher for those kind of abilities.

Hmm... Short but I won't complain, haha. I mean, although it is only a five-minute game, I am always glad when there is an artistic game about LGBTI life.