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If you don’t mind my asking, do you remember roughly how long it took to load?

Totally, that was me fishing for a criticism haha. Great work!

Nice work! Reminds me of Cannon Fodder a little bit.

Only suggestion I have offhand is to maybe make the tickets attract towards you

Thanks very much!

Pretty fun! It would be nice if the walls weren’t sticky. EX if I’m holding W+D while against the right wall I’d prefer if my player moves up rather than doesn’t move.

Great work!

Nice work!

The only thing I’d mention is I expected the controls to be a bit like a spaceship game. By that I mean W moves you forward along your current orientation and A/D adjust your turn.

That said I was able to pick up the current WADS scheme pretty quick.

Nice game! I really like how the player moves. Nice and fast.

One thing I’d suggest is reducing the amount of freeze when the player is hit. A little is nice but if you get hit a bunch of times the game starts to feel more like it’s stuttering than freezing.

Great job!

Super fun! This game reminds me that simple is hard :)

Very charming game. Nice work!

Thanks for covering the game Jupiter!

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely would have loved to add more variety and better handling. There was originally a whole recipe/cooking element but I ultimately ran out of time.

thanks again for checking it out!

Really like the color selction. The accent color is a really nice touch for highlighting the important elements of the game.

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Hey I used this song in my entry. Here's a link.

Thanks for the contribution!