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It was simply incredible. Seriously. I played it right after the update a month ago and made videos the whole time and it was worth it. The game turned out to be just awesome, really. In terms of, I haven't played many fnaf games, but I've seen a lot. And then a game came out in the gameplay style of old fnaf and with such a good story. I also really liked the addition of unique mini-games between days, they are extremely good. I have not yet completed the 20/20 mode in custom time, but I have unlocked all the animatronics. If you evaluate the gameplay, it is good. The gradual increase in difficulty comes in very handy, especially considering all the hell on Friday morning, especially on the fifth charge. I also liked the animatronics from my night(I won’t say which ones, of course, because there are spoilers). And yes, I don’t know about others, but in PAL I saw a reference to Flowey from Undertale, although perhaps it’s just my cockroaches in my head). One way or another, it’s even difficult for me to find any cons, because the game turned out to be cool. I also really liked the game's soundtrack, especially TamaTerrorz (I think I'm not the only one). Well, in general, I would like to say thank you to the entire development team and Fazie Funbear in particular for the work done. She was simply great. So I hope to see a sequel someday, which would be very cool. I spent 10 hours of my life on this game and I really don’t regret it one bit. Thanks for this masterpiece, guys.

It was damn good. That's straight up serious. I did this review for 2 weeks and it was worth it. After all, such games on come out extremely infrequently, especially with such a duration. Although this is horror, there are not many scary moments. But damn it, it doesn’t matter at all, because the game takes its frightening and oppressive atmosphere of hopelessness into which the main character has fallen. And most importantly - this story is extremely realistic. There is no occultism or demons here. Only people, their vices and the problem of priorities - GG put work in the first place. And although he had a good goal, its price was too high. That's what the game does - a damn good story that could be real. And behind such a story you don’t even see any technical jambs. Seriously, I love to look for bugs and flaws in games, but here I just didn’t see them point blank. The game is well optimized, and the puzzles in it are not so difficult, interesting and very out of place. And of course, the storyline is amazing. I played this game for 2 and a half hours on the stream and it was a very good time. So I am extremely grateful to the author, whose games I have been following for a long time. They get better with every new project. It was cool. Thank you for your attention)

Yes, I already wrote here 8 months ago when I made a small video with the passage of this masterpiece, but now I have finally finished making a big video with theories about the true ending of this game and the interpretation of its plot. It was not easy to do this, but I did my best and released 3 theories here) Thanks to the author (s) for this, without irony, an excellent game with an intricate and ambiguous plot)

I don’t know about subtitles yet, but there should be automatic translation. As a last resort, I can just give the full translation of my voice here if you want)

don't worry about all this, if you need help with translation, I can provide it)

Since I released a video in the form of a review, here it is brief: the game is very good. The plot is quite common for ps1 horror of the 90s (I mean the style), but at the same time it can still scare, although in places everything is quite obvious. There are only a few horror moments, but they are really good, especially the one when Robert goes down to the basement and you don’t know where he is. Well, everything is very good in the technical part of the game. So yes, I definitely liked the game, although it is not without sin, but this is insignificant)

Yes, I don’t often do vids lately, but this game is worth it. Since I made a full-fledged review-story in the form of a book, here it is brief. The game is very good. Especially in terms of plot. Here, each hero feels like a real person, and even in such a small gameplay segment, the author was able to show their character and features. In addition, judging by the plot and comments on, I would really like to see a sequel. I know it wasn't planned that way originally, but damn, there's a hell of a lot of interesting stuff that could be revealed in the sequel. And the mental tram of the protagonist, and a variant of a different ending (for the sake of which I searched all the boxes in the game before I found a comment about this, lol),. and in general, revealing the lore and background is much better, which I'm just sure the author will be able to do while living. Well, in terms of the technical component, the game is quite well optimized, even very much. I won’t talk much about the gameplay, because it’s not the main thing, but even here you can find interesting moments, such as, for example, the cipher in John’s room. So yes, I really liked this game and I hope that the author will continue it and reveal it more in future games. Thank you for your attention)

Damn, very good game. I made a short story about her, in the form of a book, if I may say so, and at the same time a review. And in short, the finale of the prologue is really intriguing. The plot is rather unusual, and one can discuss for a long time who attacked the main character after all. From the technical side, everything is also cool - I did not notice any bugs, and the FPS is very good. So yes, I definitely liked this game)

the third part

2 part:

Damn good game. Once I played her demo, and it was a real long time ago, but now she has grown a lot. Yes, here I threw off only a piece of the walkthrough (which was in the demo, lol), but I just haven’t finished editing the walkthrough yet, but went through it completely, so I’ll give a complete review. So, the plot is very unusual and strange. The View Labs are very reminiscent of the Portal, and also somewhat reminded of the SCP. But the game itself is very original. It is not clear just who was that strange Madame without an eye and where the protagonist got this eye from, and this is interesting. I was also very impressed with the endings, of which there are already 3 (if I understand correctly). As the ending with the fact that the world has come to an end, and the Husks have nowhere to go, so is the ending with Madam and the "true ending" with the explosion of the complex, where no one managed to escape. GG's hallucinations, inspired by Madame, are very frightening and unusual, and the riddles are complex and somehow even very remotely reminded Amnesia and Penumbra. And judging in general, the gameplay came out pretty good, and the unexpected twist at the end with Husk's vision and escape from monsters was really cool. In general, the game is extremely good in all aspects and I would really like to see its continuation, where we will be better told about the View Lab and the game world in general, because there are still a lot of questions. Well, that's all for me, as I said, I really liked the game, thanks to its author for that. I'll wait for the continuation, if possible)

Very .. scary even game. Well, the plot is not quite new and I have already seen it, but the implementation of this particular project is quite good. Optimization, of course, is lame, but otherwise everything is done very well. The screamers are scary, the puzzles are quite good, so yes, I definitely liked the game

And here I am again writing a review of this game, after the update. I can say this - the game has only gotten better and funnier. The secret ending is very easy to find if you know where to look, but also very unobvious. She herself is extremely cheerful and in the style of the game, which I liked. And special thanks to the author for the music without copyright - it was perfect to pass on the stream. The only thing is that the quality of the picture is still affected by strong interference in the game. I would like to either make them smaller, or add a setting that could do this (decrease the intensity or turn it off), that would be very helpful. And so, the game still causes laughter, even though it is a horror, so I liked everything)

This is a very strange horror. It still feels very damp and, I don't know, unfinished. In general, there is an idea, an unexpected ending is also the same and creepy at the beginning, but there are a lot of blunders. For example, after the start of the game, there are no invisible walls (brushes) in the forest at all, because of which you can simply fall under the map, the gasoline in the car does not actually run out, which is why you can skip the gas station, and the screamer has a shifted sound. But in general, the game, I think, has potential, the main thing is that the author is not too lazy to bring the project to mind and fix bugs, which I hope for. So yes, I wish the author good luck with this)

Very good game. It is quite short, but extremely atmospheric. After all, in these few minutes we can not only feel the hopelessness of the situation in this world, but also understand all the despair of the main character, who is ready for anything to find other survivors. And in the end, he finds only a message that he needs to run. And it's late. In general, this is a very good game that has good optimization, stylized graphics and an unusual plot, even for the apocalypse. I hope that someday we will see some kind of sequel that will reveal more of this cruel world, although there is little hope for this. In general, I really liked the game

It would be very cool to see this reboot in the same emotional style, I will look forward to)

This is a very cool game. I have already gone through the hardmode too, but so far I have released only the first part of the passage (although I went through everything together). Yet it came out very well. In the game, not only the large scale of action is noticeable, even despite the closed space, but also allusions to other game projects, such as fnaf or iron lung. And this is not a minus at all, because this is a very original project with its own atmosphere and, of course, a kitten. According to the gameplay, it is really very difficult, especially hardmode, but the passage and the true ending are worth it (about it next time I release the second part). And yes, in general, the game turned out to be very good, the only thing that is strange is that the monster sometimes makes holes in the place where I just patched up, and instantly. WELL, and welding is very ... lags, for some reason it is she, I don’t know (there are drawdowns when using it). Well, yes, this does not change the fact that the game is really good, like other games of the author, such as light night mop, so it definitely deserves a like

Well, you've clearly got some dramatic and emotional moments, despite the non-serious tone of things. So yes, a reboot would be a very good idea, but I don’t know yet about the wildly serious horror, although it would be interesting to look at this)

(1 edit)

In general, yes, my sweaty hands got to editing the video for this part. What about the review? This is a damn good game, like the whole trilogy. The plot has become even more surrealistic, Mooshie has become the president of the United States, and the world is strange. Todd, although he died, but there is in the ending, which pleases. And the game itself, although wildly trashy, but here you can, if you wish, find a bunch of allegories and morals. For example, the fact that the authorities corrupted Mooshie and he completely forgot about Todd and did not avenge him (after all, they communicated well, even though he ran away). Also, there is a rather strange lvl design, although it is worth praising the author for the fact that we have not seen the old location (although I would really like to see its abandoned version in the next part, if there is one), but still the level is a bit weird. Well, because of the high level, optimization has become a little lame, although not critical. And the implementation of some aspects, such as lemon robots (as I joked about them) and items from them are not bad, as well as the battle with Mooshie. Although, the final chase was still strange, because there you can only escape if you run diagonally (features of the hero’s movement from the first person in space, and not only from the first). Well, yes, judging in general, this is a very good game that has a trashy, but complete and extremely interesting plot and a rather beautiful and colorful ending, which even causes some sadness for Mooshie and the trilogy in general. In general, many thanks to the author for the work done,I will look forward to his next works and projects, as before. Thank you for your attention)

Well, now the second part of this masterpiece has been completed, and it was, as always, cool. The plot became even more surreal and funny, although the changed location from the first part was very impressive with its gloomy design. I kinda like the situations when the horror sequels show up old locations, but with a different older or darker design. The plot, of course, cannot be called scary, but the game really impressed me, it was extremely good, including the combat, which, although simple, is still not bad. So yes, this is probably my favorite part of this series, and it was damn good, thanks to the author for the game)

Man, this is a damn good game. At first, she even scares, but then you see the toiletman and the mood immediately changes) Although, Mooshie's sudden appearance was very impressive and even frightened. But his behavior also turned out to be very comical, which is a plus. The plot turned out to be very trashy, but at the same time having its own ingenious charm of such low-budget funny horror, no matter how strange it may sound. And when you play, you obviously want to see a sequel. (Which I have already gone through). So damn, this is an extremely good trash horror, I liked it a lot
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Very funny game. Yes, she can definitely scare too, especially when a huge cockroach appears before the ending (the one near the key, and by the way, the chase trigger can be bypassed, this is for the developer). Plus, the atmosphere, although trashy, is very lamp-like and at the same time surreal in places and still not bad. So, I liked this game, even though it was short, definitely like it. And yes, the music at the end reminded me of a very old horror movie about a hotel, it turned out pretty good)


A very good game. At the time of release, when I played it, it was rather raw, but I'm sure the developer has room for improvement. The game has potential. There are both interesting puzzles and sometimes horror moments. Although it was depressing that there were quite a few of them, and the villain himself was rather dumb, but this is forgivable, because in general the game is good and complex, and the ending is intriguing. So I'll be waiting for her updates and sequels, that's for sure

glad to try it)

Very .. strange game. On the one hand, it was really scary in many places, but on the other hand, the plot was very incomprehensible and confusing in places. Also, the riddle with the safe was confused, because if you do not enter the first part of the code found, then another piece of paper with the code will not appear, which is tied to scripts and confuses. Well, the actions of the protagonist are also surprising, who never reported anything that happened on the radio, although he promised. Well, in general, the game is still good, with interesting and unusual puzzles, a rather intricate plot and a good atmosphere that can scare. So I liked her

It's a very... weird game. On the one hand, it is very interesting, but on the other hand, the end is rather blurry, because the main character just goes to the therapist, although the meaning of this dream can be much more. Like monsters outside the window in a dream or mannequins, they can mean the inner feelings of the protagonist due to any events. In general, the game has a very interesting horror idea, which I have not seen anywhere, interesting gameplay and sometimes good screamers, so it clearly has room to strive. I definitely liked this project, although it is not yet fully completed, which is felt
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Freaking atmospheric game. I have already played games from this author, such as Lidar.exe and Groundhog Day, so I can say for sure that it was very good. The atmosphere of hopelessness and the end of humanity is very well felt, and even though the reason as such is not revealed to us, the world still feels full and complete. And the end is executed, albeit pessimistically, but at the same time charmingly frightening in its grandeur. In general, I really liked this game, it was atmospheric and extremely frightening. Definitely like the author

Yes, although this game is already old, it is still worth playing. The atmosphere is very mysterious and scary, especially in the finale, and the train, which, in my opinion, is located in the border world, leaves behind many questions, such as: "Why did the girl turn out to be a spider?" or "How did the main character get here?". All in all, it's a damn good game and I'm glad I played it even though it's pretty short.

Strange game. on the one hand, it is quite good, like horror, but on the other hand it has "bugs", which is ironic in our context. For example, it is that some items can be thrown behind the textures, and the main character does not have a model (which may be intended, I don’t know.) Anyway, I played on the old version, so maybe it’s all already fixed . Also, I would like to say that the horror is still quite good, and in some places it can scare. Also, a small "nonlinearity" amused. In general, a very good game, it clearly has potential, so I liked it)

Thank you very much for fixing the text, and for the games in general. I hope you keep up the good work, huh

Very .. strange game. Yes, I only played the first version 20 days ago and it was quite short, but still weird. The plot is still very incomprehensible, but the riddles and the reaction of the protagonist to everything that happens are very curious. This project clearly has potential, so I will definitely wait for the continuation of such an ambiguous, it would seem, project

Very cute game. And as for horror, it is extremely surprising. I already play not the first game from this author (I also played Replace the Lamp) and this game also shows the style of this author, which is very cool. And yes, no matter how cute this horror is, at the beginning it can really scare) But the ending was extremely pleased, although I would like more endings themselves, such as in the same Replace the Lamp. Well, at low quality, the text becomes unreadable on the note, but this is already a texture problem. In general, the game came out really very good and cute, I definitely liked it (finally got around to editing, I went through it on the 6th, and then .. uh a little bit late)

Damn good game. The plot here, although very strange, is completely finished and does not feel understatement. Only the interest remains, what kind of cult was behind the one who created all these killers. As a horror, this is also very good and can scare in many ways, and the cutscenes are made in the theme and not bad. The only thing that looks rather strange is the initial cutscene, but it's tolerable. Also, the AI of the clown is quite unfinished in places, such as climbing up to the door that leads to toxic water in the sewers. Technically, the clown cannot get there, and simply bypasses everything (maybe it was already fixed in the game updates, but I played the very first version, so yes). Well, in general, the game is really interesting and scary, and leaves intrigue for a possible sequel. So yes, small mistakes can be forgiven, I definitely like this game

Very .. sad damn game. It came out really unexpected, given what happened in the horror before, but, all the same, this is a really good game. There are very good plot twists here, and searching for answers on the Internet made me laugh a lot. Ta and as a horror it is quite unusual and at first a little scary. In general, this is clearly a good game, made with soul, I definitely liked it

Very good game. I really like the fact that there are multiple endings. But not only this adds replay value. Also, during one playthrough, you are unlikely to see all the dialogues, which is also not bad. The plot here is very.. unusual, and I like it, as well as the concrete impact of your actions on it. Plus, the third ending was really fun) So, the game is really good, the only thing is that the "screamer" with the sudden appearance of a person behind me without sound does not always appear, although the ending was almost the same. In general, everything turned out pretty well, so I still liked the game

This is a very funny game. Although it's horror, it's not that scary (except when Ronald comes around the corner, lol). The puzzles here are quite good and remind the days of granny and other games. But in fact, there is a very original game, the plot is funny and the ending amused me extremely. So, this is definitely a good horror, in my favorite McDonald's setting, I definitely liked this game

It's a very... weird game. But overall, pretty good. It clearly shows the features of old horrors and the PS1 style very clearly refers to this. The story, although trivial, is also very good and can scare in places. The same goes for screamers. In addition, I didn’t see any special bugs or shortcomings here, I just managed to bypass the fall trigger in the house and jump out of it). But in general, the game is really good, especially for the first experience in horror, I definitely liked it

It's a very... unusual game. It has some really scary moments, but the "pizza delivery man" himself and the name of his office are certainly funny) In addition, the main character, who puts chips in the refrigerator and orders 4 pineapple pizzas, is quite funny. So yes, this is really a good horror, I definitely liked it, and its minimalist atmosphere too