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OMG. This was so good you GUYS! I loved it! I can't wait to see a sequel!!!!!

This was a super cute super fun game! I really enjoyed it!

I'm totally going check them out--thanks! And I can't wait to see more of this game honestly. 

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That's fair! I cant wait to see what you do in the future!

Surprisingly hard! I love the style of the visuals. Very dieselpunk.

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Hi!!! I LOVE this!!!! And I honestly cannot wait for more. I would also love to see some more complex puzzles as we get into the game. I like that it eases you in smoothly, but I do love me some horror puzzles.

The bit about transforming is awesome and WOW I can't wait to learn more. I want to know what happened to Jon!!!!

PS-- This art style rocks my world. A++ to the artist of the character portraits!!!

Hello! First of all I want to say WOW this is one heck of a gorgeous game.  The color design is spot-on and I love the concept. 

Now for the implementation--I love the gameplay, but I do find there are many times when a rope isn't climbable, and it seems like it should be. There are also times where you get in a little nook in the wall and you should be able to climb the rope out of your situation, but because the nook's roof is so low, you can't get the height to jump onto the rope. Obviously this isn't a problem for people better at games than I am lol. 

I don't claim to be good at games, but I do love to play them! So please please continue your improvements (I loved the addition of an exploration mode!!!), and I'll definitely be coming back!

I am just SUPER excited to see more of this. I loved it so much I tried to film a playthrough twice. Unfortunately OBS doesn't recognize when this goes fullscreen for some reason. So I messed up both recordings. 

REGARDLESS I can't wait for more! This game is gonna be amazing.

Aw youre too sweet thank you!!!

I made a short playthrough video of it! We're all in quarantine and my cat wanted me to! (I blame her)

Here's the playthrough-- tadahhhh -- and I do have some suggestions at the end! But overall it was a super cute game and I enjoyed playing it!

I actually didn't realize it was a prototype. It's pretty dang well done for such an early version!